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Make A Fashion Statement With A Sweatshirt

Make A Fashion Statement With A Sweatshirt

When we think about sweatshirts, we think of lazy Sundays lounging about the living room, a day off from classes, eating ice cream with dorm mates, and not knowing what to wear so throwing on a sweatshirt. We very rarely connect sweatshirts and fashion. Can something called a sweatshirt do anything except mop up all the perspiration post a hectic workout or game? The answer is yes. Why else would big names like Givenchy, Balenciaga, Fendi and Just Cavalli be designing sweatshirts for women?

Think about it- very rarely do we come across that perfect blend of style and comfort. With a slightly modified sweatshirt, it’s possible to get that fabulous combination and up your fashion quotient. Here’s how:

  1. Get some funky prints

Animal prints are in, animal fur is not. Go in for some leopard spots, zebra stripes or other animal motifs sweatshirtsand see yourself shine. Or, look for florals and geometric prints. All you’ll need to go with it is nothing more than a plain skirt or pair of pants.

  1. Send a message

So many sweatshirts come with cute messages, pop culture references and song lyrics, among others. Choose one that compliments your style and also stays fashionable and chic.

  1. Go edgy with sleeves

While the traditional sweatshirt is round collared and long sleeved, there’s no need for you to follow the old route. Go for some cutaway sleeves or lace at the edges, elbow patches and rough cuts and you’ll take your sweatshirt to a whole new level. If you’d like, you could go sleeveless as well.

  1. Got the distance

The sweatshirt is versatile indeed and you can make use of it by getting one with a hoodie. If you’re trying to look trendy and sporty, the look is bound to work. Pair it up with your sneakers and you’re good to go. Or, mix it up with a pair of high heels for that fashionable sport look.

  1. Bling out on brands

If you really want to make a statement, let the letters in the brand do the talking. Vans, Etre Cecile, Just Cavalli have their name prominently displayed on the sweatshirt. There’s no way you don’t make a fashion statement with this piece of clothing when the designer origins are so clear to everyone!

  1. Shorten it up

Don’t look at the sweatshirt as baggy and boring. Shorten it to bare the midriff and create a new look. Get a zip if you’d like and wear it as a short jacket with a t shirt or bustier inside.

  1. Think materials

Not all sweatshirts are in plain cotton. You can find something in satin, tulle, polyester and other materials. If you’re trying to make a party statement, satin could be your material of choice.

  1. Embroidery effect

A simple way to glam up a sweatshirt is with some good old fashioned sewing. Embroider a pattern, a line or a design on the garment and you’ll give it a totally new look. Add some  sequins and mirrors and people may not even recognize what you’re wearing.


Fashion and High Society

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