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Mala Beads Meditation for Mindfulness and Heed

Mala Beads Meditation for Mindfulness and Heed

Mala beads can serve an important function in your meditation practice. The beads are commonly used to tack a mantra meditation, also known as a “japa”. The repetitive recitation of a mantra is known to have a transformative and calming effect on the mind. Whether a person is chanting the mantra loudly, whispering, or chanting in silence, tracing the mala beads with the fingers can help to keep track of the mantra. Moreover, the act of meditating with mala beads is known to help reduce respiration and promote well-being. This is in fact the same as praying with rosary beads. The repetition of a mantra is known to redirect the mind from every day obsessions and initiate positive thought patterns.

Benefits of Meditation

There are several benefits of meditation to the mind and general well being of a person. To begin with, meditation has been found to positively affect the mind and mood. In fact many practitioners of meditation report having better focused attention, increased self-awareness, and feeling more relaxed. You can also use meditation to nurture other beneficial feelings and habits, like a positive outlook, healthy sleep patterns, increased pain tolerance, and self-discipline. Besides, meditation is also known to reduce stress, control anxiety, promote emotional health, and lengthen your attention span.

Different Ways t Use Mala Beads

Besides making mala beads a significant aspect of your meditation practice, there are several other ways you can use the beads to your benefit and to the benefit of loved ones and friends. Here are some practical suggestions you might want to explore.

  • Gift Mala Beads– you can choose to buy mala beads and gift them to your friends or loved ones with the aim of commemorating a special occasion. Some of the special occasions where you can gift another person a mala are college graduations, completion of yoga training, birthdays, and anniversaries. If you don’t know where you can buy the beads, you can order online from Paybackgift’s handmade mala beads shop.
  • Honor yourself– If you are a yoga practitioner, you can set your mala beads on top of your yoga mat to serve as an ode to your goals, intentions, or objectives. Alternatively, you can wear your mala beads to honor anything important or meaningful that it represents, like a desire, intention, or achievement.
  • Enhance your meditation practice– you can use the beads on your mala as a cue for breathing in order to bring more concentration and intention to your yoga and meditation practice. Start by finding a comfortable sitting position on your mat. Hold the piece in one hand and allow it to dangle freely. Touch the place marker or guru bead with the other hand. Breathe in and out as your fingers move from one bead to the next one. Each bead should get an inhale and exhale. Repeat the process until you feel the place marker bead again.

In conclusion, mala beads can be great for helping to keep track of a mantra meditation.On the other hand, you can offer the beads as a gift in the form of a necklace or bracelet to a friend or a loved one to commemorate a special occasion. Alternatively, you can use the beads to honor yourself or enhance your yoga and meditation practice.

Photo credit:Pixabay


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