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Managing Parkinson’s Disease: Treatment Options and other Information

Managing Parkinson’s Disease: Treatment Options and other Information

Parkinson’s diseaseis a nervous system disorder which mainly affects a person’s motor system. Its best-known symptoms include tremors, slowed movement, and muscle stiffness. These symptoms are mild at first but worsen over time.

Parkinson’s disease impacts certain nerve cells of the patient’s brain. Specifically, it damages or even destroys them. This causes a decrease in the levels of dopamine, a very important neurotransmitter.

Due to its progressive nature, it is not possible to cure Parkinson’s disease. However, there are several treatments available which can help a person manage their symptoms. In some cases, these improvements can be very significant.

Standard Parkinson’s disease treatments revolve around different medications. Carbidopa-levodopa is the primary one, but a doctor may prescribe others as well. Also, a surgical procedure called deep brain stimulation is an option. It involves a surgeon implanting electrodes in the patient’s brain and a generator in their chest. The generator then sends electrical pulses which may help alleviate the symptoms.

While these may be the most common ways to treat Parkinson’s disease, they are not the only ones. One alternative treatmentwhich has shown excellent results in practice is permanent auriculotherapy.

What Is Permanent Auriculotherapy?

Permanent auriculotherapy relies on the principles of acupuncture. But as the name implies, it is permanent – meaning the needles stay in. For the sake of accuracy, it might be better to use the term micro-implant rather than needle.

These implants are made of titanium and are applied to the patient’s auricular pavilion. The auricle is the part of the ear that’s outside your head, the part that’s visible.

In other words, the implants go in the cartilage of the patient’s ear. That’s why another name for this technique is auricular acupuncture. Or, to use the simplest terms possible, it is a form of ear acupuncture.

This treatment is effective because the auricular pavilion is connected to the central nervous system through numerous nerve endings. By applying the micro-implants to specific spots, it is possible to stimulate these signals.

As mentioned, Parkinson’s disease prevents the patient’s body from producing enough dopamine. However, auriculotherapy creates stimuli which can help counteract this. Essentially, the treatment can allow the patient’s body to better self-regulate the levels of dopamine.

Thanks to this, many patients have experienced significant improvements to their health following this therapy. This includes decreased muscle rigidity, better balance and body posture, and reduced anxiety. As a matter of fact, these benefits can extend beyond Parkinson’s diseases and also help with restless legs syndrome, multiple sclerosis, and some other neurological disorders.

Dr. Ulrich Werthdiscovered auriculotherapy in 2001. Since then, the treatment has been further improved. For instance, researchers have examined different implantation points and how they relate to the various symptoms of Parkinson’s disease. Also, the materials used for the implants have become even more advanced.

Living with Parkinson’s Disease

Parkinson’s disease is a serious condition which, unfortunately, does not have a cure. Still, treatment can notably improve the patient’s quality of life. There are different options available, and permanent auriculotherapy is an alternative treatment which has shown results that deserve attention.

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