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March Astrology for All Signs

March Astrology for All Signs

Pisces: Happy Birthday to all my gorgeous, sensitive and magical Pisces friends. 2016 is a great year for Pisces and as your birthday month begins, you will notice a huge surge of energy to step into the forefront, complete the tasks that you have left undone and strive for top achievements in anything and everything you set your mind to. The universe will provide you with the right connections to launch your ventures. In your house of relationships there are some slight challenges. You will either cut the ties or shift the energy to create flow for more peaceful waters. Spring will lighten up your heartstrings so love could be in the air.

Aries: You are feeling that pent up fire energy, just waiting to explode! There is lot of potential to achieve tjis month, but with one condition, have an unbeatable strategy. Your focus is on self-knowledge, new adventures and passion of body mind and spirit. You emerge this spring with a mission to lead groups, raising awareness in your community. With great vigor and enthusiasm you are dynamic, you inspire of change. Be careful because immunity is relatively low until the 15th.         

Taurus: You could possibly feel the earth moving from under your secure footing, which freaks you out a bit as you are plodding, practical, stable nature is tested. However the shake up is just what you need to wake up! You will have a frenzy people swarming you with ideas, new ventures and all things related to business. I know it’s exciting and fearful to feel out of control. Make the choice to keep grounded, yet flexible allowing things to flow. This will give you an advantage and provide you with a new vision for the next steps of your life.

Gemini: Awe that wonderful mercurial mind is at work. You live for the excitement, the change, while craving stimulation. This is perfectly fine; just remember to use your mind and your charm to do great things. Gifted in the art of gab, your conversations take on some weight, as you dive into uncharted waters. Yes you can rally with the best of them. Just make sure your up on the facts. The eclipse, takes place in your house of career and achievements. Expect a change or an unusual event. Possibly it will be the end of a partnership or contract, as Gemini’s house of partnerships is put to the test by Mars and Saturn.

Cancer: Feeling a little dull drum? Maybe it feels like you are having the blues? Fear not! my little water babies. You just need a little time to recharge your batteries. Do that and you will blossom like no other. Serious work issues will have you solving emergencies, but you are up to the task. Your next couple of months are like new buds waiting to open up and say hear I am! Yes, you are in for some unbridled fun with family and friends. If asked to travel, do so as it  will be advantageous for business.

Leo: Your having had a lovely streak of luck and recognition, so much so you can hardly believe it. This March you are generous with others as you involve yourself with many causes. Your philanthropic will gain some notoriety. Your love life gets an overhaul as you approach the end of spring. Early summer things will steam up with romance and passion. Prrrrrrr.

Virgo: March is a very intense month for you in terms of feelings. The eclipse takes place in Virgo’s house of relationships. Expect a lot of romantic potential, but is not without risk. The wrong gesture, could break something you did not want to break. Your private time is spent in meditation, yearning for answers. Your focus has been turning toward spiritual connection, as you try to connect. You will attract others that are like-minded, as they will assist you on your journey. You seek authenticity and integrity in everything. This month you will strive for in yourself and those who become close to you. Namste.

Libra: The Sun eclipse sees a significant event in your career, that could surprise you. What should you do next? You might have been feeling a little frustrated with the status quo. Don’t fret, collect yourself, be patient, breath and let everything flow. You have worked hard. Now allow it to yield and enjoy where you are. Enjoy what is now and be in the moment. This will serve you well as things start popping up in spades early to mid April. It’s possible that what you thought would happen or what you wanted to happen didn’t. No worries because it turns out so much better, which makes it completely awesome.

Scorpio: Romance and sensuality,  bring a possibly new love. With an eclipse in March anything can and will happen. Careful, though, not to spend too much as love and money don’t agree with each other during this term. In work your focus is on the details. You have such an intense need for perfection this month that it feels like your the only one who can get it done right. A large percentage of this is ego driven. So make sure to lighten up a bit and play well in the sandbox with others. As spring gets underway you feel the need to become a little more assertive romantically, this turns out in your favor. A fun filled spring and summer turns out to be a nice change.

Sagittarius: On March 5 Mercury, ruler of Sagittarius’ house of relationships, enters Pisces, where it meets with Neptune. This combination leads to some romantic nights. Just make sure that the one night stands are ones you want to wake up to in the morning. Your sex drive and your desire for conquest is strong and this will last for the next couple of  months. There are some long awaited changes in the way for you. You find yourself making big time changes in several areas of your life. Some will be in in business, but mostly this will be inner stuff. Nutrition and physical energy play an important factor in this plan. It is time to put a healthy life style into play and it is a very important concern of yours. Hiking and outdoor activities clear your mind; will give you a boost of vital happy energy.

Capricorn: You love the springtime. In love with life your optimistic outlook is contagious. You will inspire those around you to come along for the ride. This is a fun time for you as you enjoy meeting new people. Short road trips are a must. Watch out for your 12th house. March 6th, Mars joins Saturn. This house has to do with weakened immunity, chronic disease, hospitals and any afflictions that limit your freedom, psychologically or physically.  2016 brings wealth as a result of success through work and this month sees the start of that.

Aquarius: It’s all about change it up. New contacts, new home, new career opportunities. This month you find yourself cleaning out the cobwebs of your mind. You get to the point where things have forced your hand. Change has to occur for you to move forward. Your a charismatic, loyal friend, interesting and can light up a room with your brightness and humor. Those who can not keep you in high esteem and treat you with the respect you deserve will go bye bye! Onto greener pastures you will go. This is truly a year that will open the doors and define the years to come. You won’t tolerate mediocrity from yourself or anyone else.

And Peace Be With All

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