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Marcus Debaise Discusses Three Strategies to Boost Business Economy amid COVID-19

Marcus Debaise Discusses Three Strategies to Boost Business Economy amid COVID-19

When a business improves, the economy will improve. That statement is made true as stores are currently closing down due to the corona pandemic, which is devastating the economy. According to the predictions of the Guardian, the world economy will collapse and endure a loss of more than one trillion dollars. The US economy is also struggling due to lockdowns and the other negative affects associated with the pandemic. The government has asked to open businesses with a limited workforce in order to boost the economy. 

According to an article published on, during the COVID-19 crisis, consumer items will suffer less due to the current pandemic, as they are essential goods. Buying such goods does not entail higher infection risks. Read on to learn about the three strategies to boost the economy during the corona epidemic. 

Marcus Debaise talks about a strategic business alliance

All businesses have strengths and weaknesses so therefore, now is the ideal time to collaborate with other organizations in order to complement the weaker areas as to build adequate support to create new products or services for the targeted audience. For instance, fraught, burdened digital marketing firms can now alliance with an e-commerce business to develop online courses leveraging the skills of its staff.

Marcus Debaise is aware that during these days, big corporate giants are investing in other companies in order to gain greater profits. For example, Microsoft collaborated with WHO, as well as Business Insider and e-marketer joined. 

Deals, free offers, and discounts 

Google Hangout and Microsoft Team are two companies that are all too familiar in almost all US households. This was more so the case, when social distancing and lockdown regulations were implemented across the country. These companies came to the assistance of people during the crisis hour. The other industries reaping the maximum benefits out of deals and discounts are e-learning. Digital Marketer, one of the finest digital platforms offered its entire paid courses free for many weeks, leading to numerous signups. 

Even if these companies cannot make instant profits from such deals or offers, they will certainly generate numerous leads as well as customers, who will come back to buy from these businesses in the future. 

Therefore, during the corona pandemic, it is important for all companies to determine which of their products or services could be offered free of cost or at a reduced price. 

Tell your brand story 

When a pandemic such as the coronavirus pandemic disrupts life in the US and other parts of the world, businesses need to reinforce their advertising initiatives. It is imperative to tell an interesting brand story, focus on customer relationship and engagement, boost customer experience, and then finally build a rapport with them. 

During lockdowns and social distancing, all businesses must make the most out of digital marketing and online technologies or tools to reach out to their targeted audience to boost sales and improve the bottom line. 


Consider these many tips in order to survive the coronavirus pandemic. The growth rate might be slow, but with customers buying products, business, and economy will improve as time progresses


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