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Marcus Debaise Elaborates How Hotels Can Increase Earnings during the COVID-19 Crisis

Marcus Debaise Elaborates How Hotels Can Increase Earnings during the COVID-19 Crisis

These are troubled times when the novel coronavirus has turned businesses into a mess. The impact of the pandemic is scary and uncertain, to be candid. Due to several months of lockdown, the hotel industry suffered a considerable setback because international travel has been strictly restricted. Consequently, hotels are not getting sufficient business as they used to, says Marcus Debaise, an entrepreneur and business leader. 

Since businesses are gradually returning to normal, the hospitality sector can boost earnings by embracing new tactics, eliminating the old ones. Here is how: 

Marcus Debaise suggests reaching out to millennials

Studies indicate that the millennial generation is keen on traveling again with the corona pandemic retreating, of late. The stay-at-home orders and lockdowns only made millennials look for the great outdoors. With relaxed rules, the millennials have already started traveling within their country, if not abroad immediately. The young generation loves traveling, staying at luxury hotels, and a strong attachment to material comfort. Considering these factors, hotel businesses can reach out to the millennials for more business opportunities. 

Based on the findings of SayNTouch, 90 percent of the millennials prefer genuineness and not appearances. When your hotel has a tech-friendly way of communicating with the guests, especially when it comes to social media exposure, custom messages, online booking, round-the-clock service, and mobile-first customer experience, these are some of the best ways to pique the interest of millennial travelers. 

Think to upsell hotel facilities and services

You can increase earnings by up-selling. These include a complimentary meal, spa services at discounted rates, one-time free access to the fitness center, and things like that. Marcus Debaise has known hotels making the best use of their facilities and services to come with attractive offers that customers cannot decline. You need to delight guests with several one-off deals to upsell your hotel services to targeted groups or individuals when customers book rooms in your hotel. Here are some of the ways you can upsell:

  • Include additional benefits like breakfast, a bottle of red wine, etc
  • Upgrade a guest room for a nominal fee
  • Offer discounted deals with a time restriction
  • Offer repeat customers a reward program
  • Offer more discount if a guest books more than a single room

Reach out to business travelers

Pique the interest of business travelers with the pandemic restrictions slowly being relaxed. Make sure you have all amenities and corporate packages in place to meet the needs of business travelers. Since 2020 was more of virtual meetings, entrepreneurs and leaders are looking for meetings in person as and when the pandemic subsides eventually. It is a great opportunity for hotels to revive their business, and do not let go of it at any cost. 

Provide special rates for rooms, conference rooms, and loyalty points for corporate travelers. Customize packages to host business events in your hotel. It will help you highlight your hotel facilities and service quality to your prospective corporate guests. 

Keep these tips in mind to boost your hotel business and increase earnings amid the pandemic. With the crisis retreating gradually, you can expect better days with smart business strategies. 


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