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Martin Polanco: Ways to optimize your wellness in the time of the pandemic

Martin Polanco: Ways to optimize your wellness in the time of the pandemic

The sudden impact of COVID-19 on the world threw everyone’s life upside down, and it took some time to get back to one’s feet. But it has been amazing to see how people and nations have responded to pandemic. The safety and well-being measures that have been implemented have changed the daily lives of people, while the risk of infection is still not over. In such times, it becomes essential to pay attention to one’s wellness. If you tap into the right mechanisms, you can boost your immunity and reduce the chances of contracting the virus. However, for this, you have to take care of all the aspects of your heath. Let’s see how you can achieve this.

The different aspects of wellness by Martin Polanco

To be physically fit, you have to exercise every day, sleep well, eat healthy food, and go outside. You must be doing all these things to stay healthy. However, how are you taking care of your emotional, intellectual, spiritual health? If you didn’t think about this before, start focusing on it now. Here are some small insights into what you can do in those areas of your well-being.

Intellectual wellness

Your mind grows when you go on challenging it. You can achieve this by learning a new skill, reading books, or listening to audiobooks. Identify what interests you most, and start with it. When you continuously feed your brain with substance, it becomes sharper and more energetic.

Emotional wellness

Financial and health worries in this environment of the pandemic are common to experience. The stress can easily ruin your emotional well-being and make you vulnerable. To improve it, you can eat nourishing food, do yoga, and sleep. Besides, you can meditate, practice art or dance, or take an online class.

According to the clinical doctor Martin Polanco, emotional vulnerability can weigh on all the aspects of life and make a person extremely weak, even physically. Hence, it can pay if you focus on problems like depression and stress in order to keep them under control.

Spiritual wellness

 Spiritual wellness is about finding a purpose in life, following individual values, searching for meaning and positivity, etc. For attaining spiritual health, you can walk, meditate, do gardening, and other such activities that promote hope, happiness, and calmness. If you are passionate about something, you can chase it too for your inner fulfillment. 

Social wellness

Humans are social creatures. Hence, rules like social distancing can seem quite unnatural. But social distancing has more to do with physical distancing. You need to maintain a safe physical distance from them to avoid the risk of infection for them and yourself, but you can still interact with your loved ones too, either online or over the phone.

Financial wellness

The uncertain economic condition and the news of rising unemployment may be too much to handle, but you can be better off if you create and stick to a budget for everything. Prioritize your bills so that you have sufficient money to look after your necessities.

In the end, you have to remind yourself that this is a temporary reality. It shall pass too. Meanwhile, it would help if you found effective ways to deal with it the pandemic.


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