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Maxwell Drever Emphasizes on the Relevance and Benefits of Affordable Workforce Housing

Maxwell Drever Emphasizes on the Relevance and Benefits of Affordable Workforce Housing

A family that doesn’t have secure housing is missing out a lot in life. That’s mostly to do with a safe place to reside, which will help them to pursue their employment and offer an excellent lifestyle to other family members. If you survey the American housing crisis, many people are homeless, staying on the streets, or residing in poor-quality homes. These people need to get a decent house to reduce the housing crisis to a great extent.

To bring a solution to the current housing crisis and homelessness, Maxwell Drever has emphasized the development of affordable housing units.

Today, there are several benefits if more low-cost workforce housing units are available. Some of the essential ones include the following:

  1. Increased money gets spent on the local communities

One of the direct economic advantages of low-cost housing is the growth in discretionary expenditure. And for most people, the rent is the prominent and crucial cost they incur monthly. When the income loss scares the capacity to cater to the rent payments, the chances of spending the cash on any other things than the crucial needs will affect the economy. However, when the residents who live in the low-cost workforce communities can pay the rent, they can spend on the local buys. It can go more than the bare necessities to purchase healthy food and have access to the required healthcare.

  1. Lesser evictions

Today, almost 108 million of Americans will reside in an apartment or rental home. Also, one-fourth of the renters will spend over half the monthly income on the rent payments. It indicates that several people are just a tiny unwarranted cost away from losing their home. People’s compromises, including education, medication, and groceries to pay the rent, have intensified for a while. The eviction threat has been significant for the workers. Hence, when they have a low-cost workforce accommodation, they can stay well and pay for it. In a way, it takes away the threat of getting evicted.

  1. A healthy population indicates a healthy economy

An individual’s house reflects their health. And amongst other factors such as education and income, housing is an element that drastically impacts the person’s mental and physical well-being. Poverty will indeed restrict the options that a person has. Hence, poverty gets linked to a wide range of health issues, both chronic and acute.

The most apparent aspect here is the housing itself. Those who have to stay in low-earning housing that is not constructed well or gets maintained can get exposed to lead paint or face water contamination. Other environmental risks can result in acute health issues for seniors, family members, and children. However, you can move above these limitations when you have an affordable housing unit that provides a secure living.

According to Maxwell Drever these are some of the benefits of having more affordable workforce housing. It helps to contribute to economic and social development.

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