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May Astrology

May Astrology

Taurus: Showing up makes you Taurus the reliable. You are just that, reliable. Birthday babes this trait gets you noticed in the work arena. This type of recognition has you shining ever so brightly! Celebrate your birthday  with loved ones. This will make you happy on your birthday, even if you are working, you will be joyous. It is important to have special time with friends and family. Mercury is in retrograde in Taurus. Make sure you listen to your gut. If your instinct says YES, then Yes it is. If NO! then say bye,bye! Prioritizing is the key. Remember to Get enough rest.

Gemini: Lucky you, you are having a much better spring. Accomplishing tasks,securing relationships and friendships make both sides of you delight. Mercury is in retrograde this May and it  has you seeking to build strong foundations. Patching up those gaping holes and in general play, kiss and makeup. Life is blooming for you, so expect to give birth to new things. Make and effort to be kind and compassionate to others even when they do not share your views.   

Cancer: Sexy you, with your charming self. Out of the shell and voilà… gorgeous! Your feeling  confident, mainly because others are making you feel like you matter and are a priority.  Cancer you have charm, personality and quick wit. Be clear cut in all your business dealings will give you a long awaited satisfaction, along with some very nice financial bonuses.

Leo: This month you are a lovely social creature, Leo, enjoy every moment. Others can not impose there views on you and you continue to hold your ground. Work opportunities present themselves suddenly, so wait, be patient and you will make good choices that will bring in some Ching ,Ching! Luck is on your side for you are successful in your endeavors. Stick to daily exercise routines. Be consistent! Leo, you need to keep active.

Virgo: Mmmm.Romance is in the air. You have a rich fantasy life and are enjoying bringing a little bit of it into your reality. It is time to experience new things.  Be clear cut as to what you are committed to. Work project are beginning, with much travel and socializing to be done. You need to committed to the meaning of life and spiritual relations. Mercury is in retrograde in all earth signs. This should keep you pretty steady through transitions. You have been given countless gifts . Be grateful and find a deep appreciation in the things that are good in your life.

Libra: Soft and tender. You are favored with business partners and associates for being a diplomatic. Making new friends and adding business contacts comes easily this month. Financial security is gained through smart investing. Consolidate your work environment, possibly working from home. Listen to friends as well as your family’s advice when making life changes in work or relationships. Your sensitive side beckons you to a more conscience living.   

Scorpio: Mars which is in retrograde, sits in Scorpio causing a magnetic field to help make you shine this spring. It is nice for a change to rely on friends and family. Careful when investing. You need to be more in charge of your financial dealings. This will be a productive year for you. Be light and enjoy being social. Be grateful, even for the challenge, for they will prepared you for all they good things that lie ahead.

Sagittarius: You might have had a slow start going into spring, as Jupiter is in retrograde. As Spring progresses you will feel a kick in your energy and it increases. Your vitally is contagious to others who enjoy being around you. Your sensuality is best suited for romantic partnerships. Pluto in Capricorn brings you a steady flow financially. Listen to your intuition when making business commitments that might include travel or a permanent move. You will make decisions that are best suited for you and those around you. Have a happy spring!

Capricorn: Steady as she goes. Keep on your path Capricorn. What will work for you this month is a very steady and even flow. Business is good. Pay attention to your emotional side this spring, being more communicative in a way that is non judging. Be the loving one will serve you best in your close personal relationships. Seek out some time to just breathe and be peaceful. This is a good time to recharge your batteries.

Aquarius: A Mercury-Pluto conjunction gives you a serious boost! You are bold, bright and confident! Your surroundings must be comfortable now with an element of beauty. Surround yourself with happy! No room for negative thoughts. Send  those pessimistic thoughts/words straight out the window! Kick em to the curb! Along with people and businesses dealing that just do not cut the grade. Replace with a heaping dose of good stuff, successful dealings, happier peeps to hang with and you are in for a very fun romantic summer. You are awake and alive professionally and personally. Saturn in Sagittarius ushers in some very big business dealings. Successful outcomes are for sure!

Pisces: Oh please Pisces just except that this is going to be an awesome year! Mercury in retrograde is just fine.You are emotionally sound. You are out in the spotlight, full of energy, brightness and love. All sorts of relationships are in the works. Business ventures are successful, financial gain provides wonderful new opportunities to explore.  Partnerships will have strong foundations. Romance will be sexy with a healthy splash of intense soul connection. Romance and commitment will continue this summer and throughout the holiday season.

Aries: Oomph! Mars is in retrograde with four planets in fire (Moon,Mars,Saturn and Uranus) This gives you a blast and a very healthy dose of staying power. However, do not over commit and pay attention to what your body needs to stay on track. You are cultivating new opportunities in your life, carving out pathways that have been less traveled . Approach with a childlike enthusiasm. Fine tune the things that are important. You must have order in your everyday activities. Simplicity is the key element in creating equanimity. Your social dealings should also be well thought out. Who will you be spending your time with?

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