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Carolyn Montgomery-Forant

Carolyn Montgomery-Forant

Carolyn Montgomery-Forant

Carolyn, lives and performs in New York City (at 54 Below, The Town Hall and the Laurie Beechman Theater), as well as venues from the Plush Room in San Francisco, Davenports in Chicago and other hot spots from Seattle, WA to Rockland, ME.

Carolyn returned to the stage in her solo show Visible Phoenix, with music director Jon Weber (NPR, Piano Jazz), Matt Scharfglass, (bass) Sean Harkness (guitar), Jonathan Kantor (winds) and Rich Huntley (percussion) as well as her bevy of back-up girls, The Fine Whine (Margaret Kelly, Rebecca Kendall and Stephanie Thomas). This show which ran for six months was filled with her own hilarious original songs, and music that spans the gamut from Broadway to Jazz to Pop. Carolyn will bring Visible Phoenix to clubs across the country and in Europe in 2015.

Carolyn’s blog, Invisible Phoenix, provides an inspirational look at women over 40 who own their world by harnessing a new and incredible power.

When you browse you will find everything from exciting musical happenings to organic martini recipes, to pictures of dogs in flight. Life is to be lived authentically; laughing helps.

Carolyn is an active and enthusiastic animal advocate. She promotes the ethical practices of universal spay/neuter and vaccination, the adoption of mixed-breed and homeless pets, and the outright outlawing of puppy mills. She supports making animal fighting of any kind a criminal offense, and supports humane treatment for all animals raised for food supply.

Since 1998, Carolyn Montgomery-Forant has been Director of the Free Veterinary Clinic at the St. Clement’s Church, located at 423 West 46th St, NYC, 10136.

Carolyn was graduated from the Peabody Conservatory of Music, where she earned a degree in Opera Performance. Immediately after graduation she toured with a critically acclaimed jazz ensemble, Quick Step, sang for a season with the Tri-Cities Opera Company, and performed leading roles with regional theater companies including Ann, A Little Night Music, Maria, West Side Story, and The Leading Player, Pippin, to name a few. In between those gigs, she was a waitress. In search of a definitive genre for her performance career, Carolyn found her way to Provincetown, MA where the musical director who would change her life, the late Richard Weinstock, owned a restaurant and cabaret club, Rick's Provincetown. After hearing Carolyn sing a broad repertoire – classical to show tunes to jazz to original songs, Richard asked the question that made it all come clear: "Why not do it all, just be yourself, and call it Cabaret?" Carolyn spent the summer coaching and performing with Richard and sitting nightly in the audiences of cabaret greats like Sharon McKight, Jay Rogers and Ann Hampton Callaway – all with extended bookings at Rick's Provincetown. Finally knowing exactly what she wanted to do, Carolyn also chose exactly where she wanted to do it: New York City. Carolyn's first solo cabaret show in New York City garnered her the Outstanding Female Debut Award, from the Manhattan Association of Cabarets and Clubs (MAC) and was presented to her by Liza Minnelli. Shortly after, Carolyn won the Nightlife and BackStage Bistro Awards for Outstanding Female Vocalist. She graced the cover of Cabaret Scenes Magazine, won the Cabaret Hotline Top Ten CD Picks of the Year for her recording Reveille, won the Siegel's (then the Two of Clubs) CD Pick of the Month, presented to her by David Friedman. Carolyn has taken her shows, full of comedy and a wide-range of musical styles, to the Plush Room and Martunis in San Francisco, Davenports in Chicago, the Firebird and Feinsteins at the Regency in New York, and other cabaret venues from Seattle, WA to Rockland, ME. She is featured on the Original Cast Records Label in "The Johnny Mercer Jamborree." Her recent recording "Carolyn Montgomery-Forant Celebrates the Great American Songbook,” her award winning recording “Reveille," and her latest recording “Visible Phoenix” with Jon Weber and The Fine Whine, are available on and CD Baby. Carolyn is a featured singer on the recording that accompanies the popular children's book "Humpty Who?" by author Jennifer Griffin and available at or Bas Bleu at In 2006, Carolyn took an hiatus from the stage to raise her son to school age, as well as open and operate her own restaurant, Cafe Forant, on the West Side of Manhattan. For seven years this hip and hopping little cafe (as well as a hip and hopping little boy, Eli) kept her beyond busy. During that time, she managed to squeeze in commercial voice-over work and the occasional cabaret guest appearance. Carolyn returned to the stage full time in January, 2014, producing and appearing in an all-star studded extravaganza at the Jerry Orbach Theater to benefit the Nightlife Awards (including Charles Busch, Julie Halston, Greg Edelman, Jane Monheit and Bill Irwin). In nine short months Carolyn has co-starred in the hit show Dirty Little Songs at 54 Below, been a featured performer at Town Hall in the Broadway by the Year Series, appeared at Lincoln Center with Steve Ross, starred in The Amanda McBroom Project at the Studio Theater (directed by Broadway's Arthur Masella, co-starring Mandy Gonzales, Lacretta Ross, Karen Akers and KT Sullivan) and taken her show Visible Phoenix to London, Chicago and San Francisco. In 2015, Montgomery-Forant garnered a rave review in the New York Times (see press) and presented Visible Phoenix at the Laurie Beechman Theatre in New York City for a full year, under the music direction of Jon Weber (NPR Piano Jazz). She has also conceived, with co-writer Jeff Cubeta, The Rise Tour, during which they will travel to 24 cities in 12 months presenting an original choral piece based on Maya Angelou’s poem Still I Rise with choruses throughout the United States, to raise money for the Mathew Shepard Foundation. The Rise Tour will premiere in Denver on December 3, 2015 and run through December 2016. Her series Stronger Stuff: see what happens when women help other women in a changing social and cultural age, will feature women artists of all varieties throughout 2016 in New York City. Thus far the series features Love Comes in Lavender, a benefit for LGBTQ Youth*, Dawn Derow in her classical Cabaret Legit at the Laurie Beechman Theatre* and Christmas Carolyn at Etcetera, Etcetera Restaurant*, featuring a number of talented women singers. Carolyn lives on the West Side of Manhattan with her family and is committed to an organic/slow food/eat locally lifestyle. She practices Bikram Yoga and travels with her family to ski, hike, paddle and explore the great outdoors as much as she can. For the last decade, she has served as the director of this country's only free veterinary clinic. Her blog, "Invisible Phoenix," is dedicated to the empowerment and inspiration of women over 40. Lest you assume Carolyn is just a simple Earth Mama in the habit of hugging trees, you should know she considers good wine a food group, plays poker with her child for high stakes, and (intelligently) looks to drag queens for make-up and fashion advice.

Carolyn Montgomery-Forant

Insights About Top 5 Meme Coins In Crypto Market





Meme coins have gained a lot of popularity in the crypto market in recent years. These coins are often created as a joke or as a parody of other cryptocurrencies. However, some of them have gained significant traction and have become top contenders in the market. Read more about it at websites such as bitcoinmillionaire-pro.


Dogecoin is perhaps the most well-known meme coin. It was created in 2013 as a joke by software engineers Billy Markus and Jackson Palmer. It features the famous Shiba Inu dog as its mascot. Despite being created as a joke, Dogecoin has gained a significant following and has even been endorsed by celebrities such as Elon Musk

Recent Developments: In August 2021, Dogecoin’s developers released an update called “Dogethereum Bridge.” This update allows users to move Dogecoin between the Ethereum blockchain and the Dogecoin blockchain.

Shiba Inu

Shiba Inu is a meme-inspired cryptocurrency that was created in August 2020. Like Dogecoin, it features the Shiba Inu dog as its mascot. Shiba Inu was created as a parody of Dogecoin and has gained a significant following in its own right. Its market cap reached an all-time high of $14 billion in May 2021.

Unique Features and Potential Use Cases: Shiba Inu has a unique feature called “Bone.” Bone is a governance token that allows Shiba Inu holders to vote on the development of the project. Shiba Inu also has plans to launch its decentralized exchange called ShibaSwap.

Recent Developments: In July 2021, Shiba Inu’s developers launched a decentralized exchange called “ShibaSwap.” ShibaSwap allows users to trade Shiba Inu and other cryptocurrencies.


SafeMoon is a meme-inspired cryptocurrency that was created in March 2021. SafeMoon gained popularity through its unique tokenomics. SafeMoon has a 10% transaction fee, with 5% being redistributed to holders and the other 5% being burned. This means that the supply of SafeMoon decreases over time, which could lead to an increase in value.

Importance in the Meme Coin Ecosystem: SafeMoon’s unique tokenomics have inspired other meme coins to implement similar features.

Recent Developments: In August 2021, SafeMoon announced that it had partnered with the cryptocurrency exchange BitMart. This partnership will allow SafeMoon to be listed on BitMart’s exchange.

Hoge Finance

Hoge Finance is a meme-inspired cryptocurrency that was created in February 2021. Hoge Finance gained popularity through its unique tokenomics, similar to SafeMoon. Hoge Finance has a 1% transaction fee, with 0.5% being redistributed to holders and the other 0.5% being burned. Hoge Finance’s market cap reached an all-time high of $200 million in May 2021.

Unique Features and Potential Use Cases: Hoge Finance has a unique feature called “Hoge NFTs.” Hoge NFTs are non-fungible tokens that can be used to earn rewards and access exclusive features on the Hoge Finance platform.

Recent Developments: In July 2021, Hoge Finance announced that it had partnered with the decentralized finance (DeFi) platform TrustSwap. This partnership will allow Hoge Finance to use TrustSwap’s smart contract technology to launch new features, such as staking and liquidity pools.

Akita Inu

Akita Inu is a meme-inspired cryptocurrency that was created in June 2021. It features the Akita Inu dog as its mascot, which is a breed of dog that originated in Japan. Akita Inu was created as a parody of Dogecoin and has gained a significant following in a short amount of time. Its market cap reached an all-time high of $2.2 billion in October 2021.

Unique Features and Potential Use Cases: Akita Inu has a unique feature called “Akita Inu Charity.” This feature allows users to donate a portion of their Akita Inu tokens to charity.

Recent Developments: In September 2021, Akita Inu’s developers announced that they were launching a decentralized exchange called “AkitaSwap.” AkitaSwap will allow users to trade Akita Inu and other cryptocurrencies.

Meme coins have become a significant force in the crypto market, with several meme coins gaining significant popularity and market capitalization. Dogecoin and Shiba Inu remain two of the most well-known meme coins, but other coins such as SafeMoon, Hoge Finance, and Akita Inu are also gaining traction. These coins often have unique features and potential use cases that set them apart from other cryptocurrencies. As with any investment, it is essential to conduct thorough research before investing in any meme coin.

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