Meet Randy Jones and His Incredible Tiny Homes

Meet Randy Jones and His Incredible Tiny Homes

I am incredibly fascinated with “Tiny Homes” and think it is the wave of the future. Enter Randy Jones, the founder of Incredible Tiny Homes, who had it all, until the recession of 2009 hit and Jones like many others had the bottom fall. He hit rock bottom, picked up odd jobs to make money and along the way, collected what others deemed as “junk”. From that “junk” Randy made his first incredible Tiny Home in his friend’s backyard using borrowed tools. That first tiny home t was built over two years ago. From that venture he has built a company that has crafted over 100 homes for customers all over the U.S. Randy doesn’t just build homes for customers, he has them come to his factory in Tennessee and works with them on how to build it. He customizes the homes to fit the needs of each of the new owners. He also isn’t out to break the bank. His custom homes average approximately $15k less than any of his competitors. Additionally, Randy offers his employees a stake in the business, and is currently working to teach high students the craft of carpentry.

Tiny Homes

T2C: What gave you this idea?

Randy Jones, Tiny Homes

Randy Jones

Randy Jones: I was poor and I needed some money. I was a carpenter, a builder and an electrician for over 25 years. I remember seeing Jim Schaffer, who had the original concept on Oprah about 25 years ago. I want to make money, but not charge people an arm and a leg. We also have a different spin as we customize. Our charges are only for material and labor, we no up front charge. I started in my backyard with reclaimed lumber and sold it for $20,000. I had 10 orders that weekend.

T2C: Your company actually builds these homes. How long does it take to have one build?

Randy Jones: 10 to 17 days. I have 3 -4 men stay on the same home, until it’s finished.

T2C: What if you build it your self?

Randy Jones: We have a workshop and you can come and build your own house. We feed you, we house you and teach you how to build your own house.

T2C: What skills do you need?

Randy Jones: No skills and most of are customers are women. We take volunteers to see if you like it. We had one volunteer recently and she volunteered for one week and she built her home in 6 days.

Tiny Homes

T2C: How athletic do you need to be to live in these homes?

Randy Jones: We allow you to design your own home so you don’t have to have to have a loft. The stairs can have handrails.

T2C: How moveable are these homes?

Randy Jones: I deliver them with a u-haul truck.

T2C: How do people find land for these homes?

Randy Jones: There are private RV Parks, but codes and square footage are something you need to check. That and financing are the drawbacks. I started a “Tiny Home” community where you pay $200 a month and it is all solar with water and compost. In Tennessee we recyclable water and purified it. My dream is to have a lot of these communities.

Tiny Homes

T2C: How workable are the washer and dryers?

Randy Jones: Regular, nothing different. The fit under a 36 foot counter top. They are from Europe and the same machine washes and dries.

T2C: What is your biggest accomplishment with these homes?

Randy Jones: Being able to customize to anybody’s needs and keep the price down.

T2C: Your biggest failure?

Randy Jones: Devising the water system, then winter hit us and we had to re-devise everything.

T2C: How warm are the homes?

Randy Jones: These homes are very efficient. We have houses in Maine Vermont Canada. So far in 30 months we have built a 103 homes.

T2C: What would you like us to know?

Randy Jones: I have 30 employees and I live in the warehouse. My whole life is invested in this. It’s the American dream. I had a dream, work skill, and passion. I did this without a line of credit. I owned a 12 million dollar resort and in 2009 I lost everything. Its hard to come back from that. I am excited I have something to do and am so glad I have a passion for something. I missed not belonging to something more than the money. I know money is important, but I want to do what is right and important and does good. I am trying to build a strong reputation.

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