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Meet Simon Gordon, AKA The Black Fairy Godmother

Meet Simon Gordon, AKA The Black Fairy Godmother

These days, sometimes feels like an a zombie-apocalypse Sci-Fi movie. Yet there are still angels among us.Enter real life angel, Simone Gordon, aka, The Black Fairy Godmother. Philanthropist / Special Needs Advocate  / Black Community Organizer / Motivational Speaker. Ms. Gordon is a 2020 Webby Award Winner 

Ms. Simone is not concerned with princesses going to the ball. She is creating miracles everyday for real life women in need.  Making sure a couple hundred bucks is not what’s standing between keeping her apartment and children, and other survival situations for so many women in this country.

S.B.D.  “All super heroes have their story. Please tell us how you became The Black Fairy Godmother?”

T.B.F.G.  “I lost my job. The father of my son skipped out for another woman. My son is on the spectrum. I was living with my son and back home with my parents in a small two bed room apartment. I was depressed. I would spend hours trying to get help. I would call 211 for assistance but our system is a disaster. There are long waiting lists. Some numbers take one to agencies that no longer exist. In our our current system, if you lose your home, social services will take away your children with can do more harm than good.

I want you to know that there is a disconnect between non-profit organizations and grass roots direct giving. With direct giving you can specify exactly where the money is going. I prove this by posting the recipe for all to see.

Sometimes we place a woman in an Air BnB so she can be safe while we work with them to help them get long term housing and a job.”

S.B.D.  “You inspire people to give back. Pease give us an example.”

T.B.F.G.  “I helped a woman who payed it forward by starting a diaper drive. I don’t want women to become another statistic. One woman has risen up to have her own nail salon. There is a misconception that that these woman must have done something wrong to deserve their circumstances, it must be their fault. But disasters happen, domestic violence happens. Many of these women have an education. Bad things can happen to good people.”

S.B.D.  “How did you become an advocate for children with autism?”

T.B.F.G.  “My son is autistic, he is non-verbal and requires full time care. I had to fight for services and for a special needs school. The Public School System would not pay for it so I took it to court. It took five years but we won.”

S.B.D.  “You are currently manifesting one of your goals, please share with us.”

T.B.F.G. “Reperations Offerings and Requestion is a Facebook group to help women of color. They paid for tuition so I could start my new life. I have one more semester to go for my nursing degree. I want to work in public health with people with mental Health Issues.”

S.B.D. Q: “How did it feel to have won a Webby?”

T.B.F.G. B: It felt ok. I’m humble, the work had to be done.”
Please check out BFG’s Christmas website. And follow her on IG The BlackFairyGodmother official @theblackfairygodmotherofficial

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