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Megalophobia: Some Things Are Larger Than Life

Megalophobia: Some Things Are Larger Than Life

We had a look over strange things fixed on the camera, but somehow we feel the whole affair unfinished. Now we will explore things larger than life that became the objects of photography, so if some of our readers experience megalophobia, either take it easy or avoid it.

My search has brought me to the distant and obscured places on Reddit and some other platforms where the developers take megalophobia (and the noble art of photography) quite seriously. We’ll not only start our journey to explore what megalophobia feels like but see photos of actual places, objects, animals, and pieces of digital art that will certainly touch you.

It’s an amazing paper that will resonate with you, or it will not happen. Just know that some people experience the fear of things larger than life, and if some of these images don’t scare you, then nothing will frighten you at all.

Megalophobia or the fear of the huge

There are phobias for every possible and impossible occasion, but megalophobia aka fear of the large objects is especially curious, and profound. This phobia appears in connection with things like massive sculptures, huge buildings, gigantic aquatic animals. The list follows.

It’s interesting to know that the phobia probably spreads over many people, but its experience looks completely different. For instance, someone might be afraid of some big mammals like whales or elephants, while other people feel fear of the products of human thought specifically. Here you should think of Titanic.

Famous movies like Jaws and Anaconda exploit and explore this phobia that’s likely being inherent in all of us. Who wants to face a huge raging white shark on steroids? Exactly. So, take your time, make some preparations, and here we are with weird stock images for fun.

Let’s see to the worthy stuff – things larger than life:

  1. The classical thing to start
  2. This terrible dam
  3. Afraid of heights? This clock tower and a daredevil are for you
  4. And something else, existing in distant space in comparison to LA
  5. A wind turbine next to a human

Feeling like we’ve finally seen the whole thing as terrifying as it is. Welcome here again next week for more adventurous and thrilling photography and video materials!


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