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Men’s Rings: What Do They Tell about Their Owners?

Men’s Rings: What Do They Tell about Their Owners?

Men’s rings … They are loved by millions and hated by the same token. In the XX century, men’s rings experienced an era of oblivion but a new millennium brought this ornament a hope for a revival. Every man finds his own ways to sport a ring, and it can tell a lot about him.

Unconscious choice

In ancient times, the choice of a finger on which a ring was worn, largely depended on esotericism. According to astrologers, each finger has its own element: pinky is connected with water, ring finger – with the air; middle one symbolizes the earth, index digit – fire, and the thumb – the elements of the ether, the receptacles of the gods.

Ornaments for a Ring finger

A ring on this finger symbolizes the marriage status. Ancient Egyptians were the first to wear rings on the occasion of marriage. They believed that the “artery of love” begins right at the ring finger, which was called a finger of the Sun. Wedding rings were diverse ranging through metal, glass and even ceramics pieces. Later Egyptians originated a tradition to give an iron or bronze ring to a spouse as a sign of the inviolability of marriage. Only several centuries’ later fingers started being decorated with gold rings. Symbolically, an ornament on a ring finger reveals a man’s passion for beauty, exquisite things, and luxury.

A Ring on an Index Finger

A ring on this finger is a symbol of power. It describes a strong-willed person who is full of pride and desire for victories and accomplishments. While worn on the right hand it tells about discretion. Men who adorn index fingers of the left hand often have megalomania and inclination towards hysteria. Julius Caesar, Ivan the Terrible, Cardinal Richelieu and many other power-hungry men wore signets on an index finger. It is believed that even a shy man becomes incredibly confident if he adorns his index digit with an accessory. Especially helpful is empowering jewelry, such as for instance, a skull men’s ring.

A Middle Finger Ring

The central finger indicates how much a man likes him. If he sports a diamond ring, the larger it is, the morefervently its owner craves to convince others in his irresistibility.

As a rule, a middle finger is adorned with family jewelry to emphasize the connection with the ancestors. It is believed that a ring on this finger improves common sense and helps to overcome life’s difficulties.

A Ring for a Thumb

A ring worn on a thumb attracts great attention. The motto of its owner is to assert himself by any means, especially in a sexual way. The ancient Greeks and Romans considered a thumb to be a symbol of the phallus and decorated it with iron rings to protect their male power. Whether it is true or not, but a person with a ring on his thumb, as a rule, is incredibly energetic

Pinky Ornaments

A ring on a pinky demonstrates a great creativity. Such a decoration is popular among actors, artists, designers, and musicians. The ring is believed to be a miracle cure for a person inclined to gambling. However, it can tell that a man likes flirting, seeks new emotions and unconventional sensations.




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