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Merch design and tips for growing your online engagement – Everything you need to know

Merch design and tips for growing your online engagement – Everything you need to know

If you have worked hard to build your audience and online brand, you will have to work hard to engage with the customers. It is time to make the hard work pay off. A very cool and trendy way to engage with customers is to design custom merch. Whether you are a brand, artist, YouTube content creator, or associated with any online business of any kind, you can offer your fans the chance to support your work by selling custom merchandise. 

Custom merchandise is excellent due to the following reasons. 

  1. Image promotion.
  2. Build stronger engagement.
  3. Raise funds for future projects.

In the following post, we look at the tricks and tips you need to design and sell custom merchandise the right way. 

Understand your audience to design the right merch

You already know your audience; that part is for sure. However, you need to understand your primary followers, fans, and supporters to design the right custom merchandise. It would help if you thought harder about who you should cater to. Always ask the following questions before designing custom and branded merch.

  1. Who will order the item?
  2. Where and how will the customers interact with the merchandise?
  3. Will the merchandise sales add value to your concern?
  4. Do you need to promote something specific?

In this world of cut-throat competition, you need to understand and gain insights about merchandise and products that your followers would love to discover and own. 

The design consideration

Once you have identified the customer base and merch ideas, it is time for the fun part. Now comes the time to brainstorm concepts and mock designs. Always follow the best practices when designing with merch with images, mottos, logos, or graphics. It is vital to consider the color, style, motif, and other texture elements while designing the merchandise. Explore the needs and the demands of the market and create something that your clients will value. Explore to glean visual inspiration and design the best merchandise you can offer to blow your competitors out of the competition. 

Finding the right merchandise designer

There is no formula for designing or choosing the right type of merchandise. For example, YouTube content creators are big on t-shirts and mugs, whereas bigger concerns and brands can give pricier gifts through giveaways like electronic and intelligent devices. However, when designing merchandise like custom t-shirts and mugs, the trick is to work with the right merchandise designing platform to provide you with flexible options. Search for the best matchmaker in Canada to gain insights regarding the best merch designing platform out there. Keep in mind that a professional merch-making platform will allow you to design, alter, set prices, and promote the campaign without hassles. A great tip is to look for a platform that offers you minimum order requirements. 

Merchandise promotion

Now that you are done with the design, product choice, and bulk order, it is time to launch the campaign. Here the trick is to generate interest in the merch by employing ingenious methods to launch the campaign. There are several strategies that you can utilize. Here are some – 

  • Schedule posts from all the social media platforms – make sure that the promotion follows the same pattern or theme
  • Go for engaging visuals – model yourself in the merch in a live feature or a photo-op
  • Incorporate the merchandise in various content pieces, video, or infographics to make sure of the visibility of the products
  • Post simple CTAs to divert traffic to the merchandise and selling platform to offer your creation to the clients

Build engagement

The primary advantage that social media provides you is a promotional tool like no other to engage with your customers directly and in real-time. Promotional campaigns are the easiest ways to launch a successful engagement plan. You can ask your audience to get directly involved with the promotion of the merchandise. Here is how to do it. 

  • Ask for shares so that followers can spread the word on their profiles and to the people they know. It is the most effective strategy if you are looking to boost sales numbers.
  • Ask for pictures sporting the merchandise with a keyword-specific hashtag. You can even repost the photo with their permission to generate even better traction. 

It is vital to remember that social media is a powerful tool, and promotional strategies drive the engagement numbers. 

It is vital to think of custom merchandise as a multi-purpose tool. It should help you to make money, engage with the followers and promote the brand as well. First, however, you need to follow the best practices for merchandise design, promotion, and after-action. Ensuring our tips will make sure that your promotional strategy runs as effectively as it should. All the best! 


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