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Mind Blowing Facts About How To Find Girl In Kharkov

Mind Blowing Facts About How To Find Girl In Kharkov

Every year a great number of tourists are coming to Ukraine. Some are attracted by the sights and history of the country, wishing to experience the famous Ukrainian hospitality, while others have more personal priorities. Thousands of men dream about finding their true love in this wonderful country.

Ukrainian ladies are known for their beauty and family-orientated views. Also they are open-minded and ready to try international family relations. No wonder that every year the number of international marriages registered in Ukraine is growing.

And if a few years ago, foreigners mostly came to Kiev or Odessa, now they have turned their attention to other cities like Kharkov, Lvov or Nikolaev.

Women in Kharkov differ from the women in Odessa for example. Girls living in Kharkov mostly belong to Eastern Slavic phenotype. They are slim, middle-height girls with light brown or blond hair and light green or blue eyes. So, if you dream about a classic Slavic beauty, the chances to meet her in Kharkov are higher.

How to meet Kharkov single women?

First of all there are two main options – meeting a woman in the real life or try you luck on-line. Let’s consider both of them. If you have already come to Ukraine but you do not know what to do and where to go in Kharkov, our tips will come to your assistance.

“Live options”:

  • Night life. That is a standard option for lonely hearts. Going to a club is a great idea even if you are a foreigner. A bit of alcohol breaks the first ice of the meeting and strangely helps to overcome the language barrier.

Where to go?

  • Benedict Daily Bar at Sumska St, 80
  • Sutra Bar Kamalaya at Alchevskyh St, 31
  • Panorama at Kostyurinskiy Lane, 2
  • РК “NEBO” at Geroev Truda, 9

These are only a few representatives of the night clubs in Kharkov. You can find out some more just browsing the net. The only thing you have to do is to put on a nice outfit, take your great mood with you and head to the center of the city for experiencing night dating. There are controversial opinions on whether you can find a person for serious relations in the night club, we will not give any suggestions on this point as they say: many men – many minds. After all, you may be targeting short and hot acquaintance. That’s totally up to you.

Meet single Ukrainian girls from Kharkov in the day time. The city is beautiful in the day too. You can have two in one – to see the sights and get acquainted with someone pretty. For this you need to be in the centre. Turn your attention to Gorky Park, Shevchenko Park, and Plosha Svobody (Independence Square). But keep in mind that English is not widely spoken here, so you simply might not be understood by the green-eyed beauty that you spotted among the others. Useful tip: keep your phone charged and get a local sim-card. You may be in need of the Google translate service. Don’t forget about the GPS because Kharkov is a big city and you can easily get lost.

If the weather does not permit long walks, you’d better go to one of the shopping malls, namely:

  • Karavan Mall, Geroev Truda, 7
  • French Boulevard Mall, Akademika Pavlova prov. 44B,
  • Business and retail center  “Ave Plaza”, Sumskaya str, 10 

Imagine that you have already met someone you like. Then there arises a question: “where to go for dating in Kharkov?”. Well, you simply can’t leave Ukraine without trying the cuisine. Food in Ukraine is pretty good. Ukrainians prefer eating substantial food like steaks (both meat and fish), lots of dishes made of potato, all possible kinds of salads and so on. Indeed, it is better to experience by yourself.

  • Imbirnyj Pryanik Sumskaya street, 36/38. If you are a fan of a fancy tea service, this one is for you. It will be perfect for a calm talk at the first date with a new Kharkov girlfriend.
  • Paris on Petrovskogo street, 30/32. If a fancy restaurant to go. They offer refined cuisine and good service. A great option for a romantic evening together.
  • Sharikoff at Kvitky-Osnov’yanenka St, 12. It is a restaurant-tavern, offering an interesting combination of French and Slavic cuisine. The design was inspired by the famous novel “Heart of a Dog” by Russian author Mikhail Bulgakov.
  • IT café on Prospect Pravdy, 10A. It is a place where you can combine work and tasty coffee with authentic sneaks. A nice place to go if you haven’t been so lucky in love but you can spend some time working… or maybe try to pick up an IT-girl?

But not all Kharkov ladies spend their time hanging around the city and trying to talk to the lost foreigners. These ladies work or study (or both at the same time), so, maybe your “the Only One” girl is simply busy. In this case you should try on-line search.

“On-line Options”: what is the best dating site in Kharkov?

  • Social networks. Almost everyone in Ukraine uses social networks.

The most popular ones are: Facebook, Instagram, VK (VKontakte was a the most popular media just a few years ago, but now this media is banned in Ukraine, so people are using it less).

You can try finding Kharkov brides at one of them. There are lots of communities for lonely hearts on Facebook, for example. But the main trouble is that not everyone speaks English here. You will meet difficulties when trying to communicate here. Also, the main drawback is the lack of security. You can chat with a girl for months and then you will find out that she is married or sees you only as a rich sponsor from abroad trying to get some benefits from you.

Badoo, Mamba, Love.UA can be singled out among others free sites for dating. In short, meeting girls at the free sites is a total matter of your personal luck. You may run across the Love of Your Life and build happy relations with her as well as you may be cheated by a professional scammer.

Premium dating sites. If you do not want to risk or have any difficulties with misunderstanding because your dream girl cannot speak English, you can try the services of dating sites with premium membership.

If you want more trusted information on the topic “How to Marry a Ukrainian Woman on the Internet“, read this article on our dating blog “Ukrainian Ladies”.

The brightest Ukrainian brides from Kharkov can be found at VictoriyaClub. The site boasts having strict security policy that includes thorough checking-up of the girls who want to join the site. VictoriyaClub states that none of the girls is officially married or have been accused of scamming. Apart from communicational services, the site administration offers assistance during your stay in Ukraine or even planning your trip to the country. If you feel awkward to move around the city without knowing anything and being unable to speak Ukrainian or Russian, they can provide you with a highly professional translator.

If general, it is a good option for people who are used to the comfort during the travelling.

beautiful wedding couple in park. kiss and hug each other

Another possible way to get a girlfriend from Kharkov is to experience speed dating. It is a relatively new service for Ukraine but it is gaining its popularity. Of course, you should turn your attention to the ones organized by the international dating agencies, as you need going to the place where you will be understood.  International dating agencies choose girls who speak English or provide additional translation services at these meeting. So, you will feel comfortable.

What are the main tips when planning your trip to Kharkov?

  • If will be better to book an accommodation in advance. After all, you are coming to a new country which only starts opening its touristic potential. Hence, you might have some difficulties with the transfer around the city searching for a place to stay if you haven’t booked it before.
  • Be sure that you care about your safety. Kharkov is quite safe these days, but it would be better if you have the contacts of your embassy representative in Ukraine, just in case. Do not carry a very big sum of money with you.
  • Kharkov has a convenient metro system.  Take the trouble to download the map of metro stations.
  • Plan your visit for the warm time of the year. Winters are really severe here.
  • Set your priorities right. If you are seeking for fun and hot affairs, concentrate on going to some good clubs where the girls are more relaxed and can be hooked up easily. If you dream about serious dating in Kharkov, it is better not to rely only on your luck and charms. Start communication with a few girls before coming to this wonderful city. It may sound sad and cynical, but don’t bank on only one girl. She can change her mind or the circumstances can prevent you from meeting. You should have extra options.

There are lots of things to do in Kharkov, but it is better to discover the city with a beauty by your side. You’d better make all necessary efforts and use all changes to get a girl from Kharkov. Believe us, you won’t be disappointed!


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