Mink Eyelashes for Extensions

Mink Eyelashes for Extensions

Just imagine not having to apply your mascara or glue your lashes on every morning for 2+ months. And guess what? It’s possible! With Stacy Lash eyelash extensions you can be sure that your eye look will be the most glamorous in any room.

Make sure you’ve found a nice specialist when it comes to this beauty treatment. This impacts your health too, as the lash tech works with your eyes and there is a possibility to catch an infection in case of incorrect treatment. That’s why we highly recommend going to the best tech possible.

The difference between the lashes you apply yourself and those that are applied in the beauty salon is quite obvious. The ones you do at home are a strip that you glue to your lash line, and the extensions are glued to your actual lashes piece by piece. That’s why they look so authentic and cool.

There are several types of eyelashes that you can find at almost every beauty place:

  • mink;
  • silk;
  • faux.

The most natural looking ones would be the mink eyelashes for extensions that you can find on Stacy Lash. Why? Mink eyelashes look the most authentic, just like your own lashes. And don’t worry: Stacy Lash mink extensions are cruelty-free. Real mink fur is very rare nowadays and synthetic materials made their way to the top since they work even better.

The biggest difference between synthetic and authentic eyelashes is the curl. No one can curl animal-derived lashes even though they look natural and glam. The natural lashes made from real mink, sable or fox fur are pretty expensive. With the Stacy Lash cruelty-free mink eyelashes, you can get the desired look even cheaper.

When you make an appointment with your beauty tech, first of all describe your wishes to them. Let the tech pick the right length since the best option depends on your eye shape, color, the qualities of your own lashes, and many other features. And you will have some time to order your eyelash extensions before the appointment date.   

When you visit your eyelash tech, make sure you don’t wear makeup and remember that you won’t be able to wash your face for 24 hours.

After your eyelashes are done, make sure that you look after them properly. Don’t use oil-based makeup remover, and don’t place your eyes directly under a flow of water, like turning your face up into the stream of your shower. These things can damage your eyelashes and shorten their life term.


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