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Miranda’s Corner: How Hydrogen Peroxide Saves The Burnt Pot

Miranda’s Corner: How Hydrogen Peroxide Saves The Burnt Pot

Miranda has the best household tips I know. She is also an actress, a healer, an animal lover and a supporter of artists no matter their age. Miranda’s tip for keeping flowers fresh helped a lot of readers. Today she tells you her miracle secret for saving your burnt pots.

I so wish I had known this secret much sooner. God knows how many pans I could have saved instead of trashed.

For results on how Hydrogen Peroxide will help in cleaning burnt pots and pans.

Pour a half bottle of Hydrogen Peroxide, be generous. The pour is dependent on how high the burn is.

Sprinkle on a nice pile of baking soda.

Boil the mixture on a low flame. Make sure it doesn’t over flow. Let it boil for a couple of minutes. Turn it off.

If you are in a hurry you can use a wooden spoon to scrap the burnt residue. If your patient you can let it soak 2- 3 hours and the burnt material should be easily scrubbed away.

Sometimes vinegar and backing soda can also be used, but I prefer Hydrogen Peroxide.

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