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More Healthy Dinners in Less Than 20 Minutes

More Healthy Dinners in Less Than 20 Minutes

After a long, exhausting day of work-grind, all anyone looks for is a comfy meal to fill his cravings. Cooking time-consuming dishes like risotto can be a pain-staking task when you come home tired from work. A list quick 20-minute healthy recipes for dinner can help you make delicious dishes for you and your family without spending much effort into it. These 20-minute health dishes include:

1.  Maple Crusted Salmon:

Salmon is one of the quickly cooked foods. Having salmon for dinner sounds like a delicious idea and your home members will simply love it. The salmon fillets are first broiled followed by grilling of the pieces. Maple syrup is drizzled over the grilled fillets to add a caramelized crust on the spicy sweet top. This healthy recipe takes only 10 minutes.

2.  Spaghetti:

Spaghetti mixed with chicken and healthy vegetables like tomatoes and spinach will prevent you from swearing off it. Featuring a combination of fresh and sun-dried tomatoes, this spaghetti dish is a treat for spaghetti lovers. Add fresh basil, spinach and olive oil to create a healthy spaghetti mix. This delicious summer pasta recipe is easy to cook and will work for meet lovers after the addition of chicken with vegetables.

3.  Pesto grilled pizza:

There is nothing as appealing as pesto pizza in dinner to jazz up a boring and exhausted night. All you have to do to cook this recipe is add healthy, prepared pesto on a pre-baked crust. Finish with the addition of some artichokes and the pizza will be ready to eat within minutes.

4.  Instant refried beans:

This 10-minute guacamole recipe will tantalize your taste buds because of its brilliant combination of spicy tacos and delicious refried bean sauce. Spread a layer of refried beans on a tostada or taco. Top with your favorite filling and eat away this delicious 10-minute dinner dish.

5.  Pesto turkey burgers:

Burgers are one of the many comfort foods no one can say no to. Have prepared pesto and feta cheese at home? Use these ingredients to create this innovative pesto turkey burger. People who love to have burgers for dinner can enjoy this garlic and salt-seasoned 20-minute dinner recipe.

6.  Lemon Salmon burgers:

Making healthy burgers is no more an impossible task with this delicious and quick to make Lemon Salmon burger recipe. The burgers require fillets of healthy salmon which you can top with your favorite greens such as cabbage. Spread a layer of your favorite sauce and eat away these yummy Lemon salmon burgers on a weary dinner night.

7.  Chicken Honey stir-fry:

If you want to enjoy a unique mix of many ingredients to add a bit of fun to your dinner table, Chicken, honey and nut stir-fry is the best choice for you. All you need to have is lots of cashews, carrot slices, a pinch of ginger root. Sweeten the thin strips of tender, skinless and boneless chicken breasts with honey coats and stir-fry with other ingredients in a pan.






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