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Most Expensive Colleges in the US in 2019

Most Expensive Colleges in the US in 2019

The United States is easily numbered among the top countries that home the highest-rated colleges in terms of performance, delivery, and success of their alumni. However, this does not come without added costs. No good thing comes on a silver platter!

This high cost attracts a lot of dedication from both lecturers and students, for which reason, students are sometimes swamped with a lot of assignments. However, this is never a big challenge since the students can once in a while seek help in less practical tasks like essay writing from academic writing platforms like Edubirdie, among others. The problem is that some platforms are scams and students sometimes start asking questions like, “Is Edubirdie legit?”, or could it be a scam like others?

Some of the most expensive colleges in the US, which are also among the best include:

1.    Columbia University

Based in New York, Columbia University is by far the most expensive college in the US. The total amount of money on average that students spend every year amounts to $57, 208. This amount is inclusive of the meal plan costs, housing costs, and books and supplies costs. That perhaps looks so enticing. However, even though this is an all-inclusive cost, it is still by far more expensive than most colleges. It could be up to double or even triple the cost spent by students in other colleges. Still, all this is perfectly justified by the name and quality that Columbia University stands for.

2.    Harvey Mudd College

Second to Columbia University is Harvey Mudd College. It is based in California, and majors in Science, Math and Technology related courses. The college is among the best-performing in the country, with a lot of dedication from the students to their studies. The level of education offered is top-notch, and most, if not all of its alumni often end up being very successful in the corporate world. It is, therefore, no surprise that the college is so costly and the average amount of money spent by each student annually amounts to $54, 886. With the ever rising need for competitiveness at the workplace, most people will pay without blinking an eye, provided the result gets them to the desired place.

3.    Bard College

Bard College comes third in the list and its average cost per student is $54, 496 on an annual basis. The college is in Annandale-on-Hudson in New York, and it is quite underrated. It is high-end in basically every sector, that is, the delivery of the lecturers to the student, the layout and building structures, the performance of the students and of course the cost. The students undoubtedly receive high-quality education and undivided attention from the lectures.

4.    University of Chicago

The list is not complete without mentioning this widely-known and praised university. Whenever you hear about the University of Chicago, the first thing that pops into your mind is economics. It is the best-rated economics university in the country, which makes it one of the most desired by aspiring economists. Scarcity and quality are expensive, and so is the university. Students spend an average of $54, 825 annually, inclusive of the tuition fee and other expenses.

5.    University of Pennsylvania

This university in Philadelphia produces graduates that are almost always sure to succeed in life. And because you get what you pay for, the success of this college comes at a cost, and way much more than in most universities. The average cost that most students get to incur every year is $53,534 after adding the cost of housing, books, meals, and other necessary expenditure. 

It goes without saying that success is very expensive and to achieve it, you have to spend a lot in terms of money and time, and education is among the expenses. Of course, there are other well-performing and expensive universities in the country. However, an analytical and impartial review places these five far above the rest. 


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