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Most Popular Country Lyrics, Chords and Tabs in One Place

Most Popular Country Lyrics, Chords and Tabs in One Place

Everyone who has ever held an instrument in their hands, knows firsthand how challenging it may be to find chords and tabs to particular songs. Especially when it’s urgent and you’ve got no time or skill for devising tabs yourself.

Any beginner can relate.

Surely, everything comes with practice. ‘Practice makes perfect’ – the saying goes.

The more you play by ear the better musician you become.

Today the web is overloaded with information and music theory but very often it is… Quite a flop. When it comes to specific genres the challenge becomes bigger. So what shall we do?

Luckily, there’s a solution. Among all websites with musical stuff there is one which fulfills the needs of people enamoured of music. In this case – country. 

Country lyrics, chords and tabs all in one place – on CowboyLyrics.

Benefits of The All-In-One Country Music Website

To begin with, the site hosts quite a large database of songs with their lyrics, allows to raise any related question on the forum and get a quick response. 

The first thing that catches attention is the community-like form – there are musicians, songwriters, just amateurs and professionals who cooperate and help each other grow. There is nothing like being supported by like-minded people!

To join the team you need to register on the website, as only authorised members can see all the news and updates. Once you’ve signed up you have the right to create articles, topics, edit materials.

Secondly, you are heard here.

Discussions, requests, event organisation are of great use. Here you are free to air your views and suppositions, get a friendly word of advice and offer help. 

Sometimes you can find valuable country lyrics, chords or tabs on not so well-known websites like CowboyLyrics. instead of using promoted ones. 

Thirdly, it’s convenient.

Advanced search comes in handy as well as keywords and the word-cloud of most searched topics, authors and words from songs. 

If you’re interested in the news of country and blues there is a seperate section to view and discuss it. 

In other words, there’s anything for the country-lover’s soul.

How To Grow Musically 

Show me a musician who doesn’t crave growth. There’s no such! Here are some proven recommendations to master a musical instrument:

  1. Practice scales
    This is far better than just trying to improvise out of nothing. Scales help us put theory into practice. Do exercises to make your playing light-fast so that you can adapt to any song speed and rhythm.
  2. Be a part of a jam session
    You may have music theory at your fingertips, and even be a good solo player. But flying in a team is priceless – you learn to improvise and to harmonise your playing with other musicians. Never neglect it.
  3. Delve into your instrument
    Here I mean knowing all the possibilities of your guitar, keyboard or drum set. Experiment with voicing, modes, delays, – it will give you greater confidence and spontaneous ideas while playing live.

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