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Muscle Up! 7 Effective Tips for Gaining Muscle Quickly

Muscle Up! 7 Effective Tips for Gaining Muscle Quickly

Being unhappy with your body is nothing new: less than 30% of both men and women are satisfied with their body image. There is nothing worse than being uncomfortable in your own body.

The feeling of being too skinny is really discouraging. It’s hard to be patient when you’re ready to put in the hard work necessary to have a muscular body and make big changes now.

Getting the body you want quickly is definitely possible. Here are some tips for gaining muscle.

Utilize the Right Kind of Workouts

The best way to gain muscle is to do the right kinds of workouts. Workouts to lose fat are different than workouts to gain muscle mass. You will naturally lose body fat as you gain muscle mass.

Weight loss workouts may focus on weight training using your own body weight. You’ll use low weights with lots of reps, high-intensity interval training, and lots of cardiovascular exercises. Short rest intervals of less than thirty seconds to a minute are typically employed. These are the types of workout routines you want to avoid.

Workouts to increase muscle mass will have you decreasing your reps to 3-10 per set while exerting 60 to 80% of your maximum effort. The best way to build muscle would be to limit cardiovascular exercises and allow longer rest intervals between sets (up to several minutes).

Focus on Full Range of Motion

When working out and lifting heavy, make sure you are using your full range of motion. Extend your muscle to its full effective range of motion. It is important not to extend past total contraction.

Using your full effective range of motion and taking care not to go past the point of having control means that your muscle is handling the weight, not a tendon. This will also aid in preventing injury.

Next, you’ll want to maximize your muscle-building by avoiding muscle adaptation. Your muscles will become accustomed to lifting heavy via repeated exposures, which is why you need to vary your exercise and training routine.

As a note, please keep form in mind when working out. Make sure you’re observing proper form, since improper form will keep you from making gains, and could result in injury.

Eat Enough

When undertaking a new workout routine, it can be tempting to cut calories in order to drop pounds. Our society is often inundated with fad diets and unrealistic workouts. Contrary to the bad advice that’s floating around out there, in order to gain muscle mass, you have to eat to build muscles fast.

Bodybuilders typically eat several small meals throughout the day, about every three hours. If you are naturally skinny, chances are your metabolism is fast. This means you have to give your body a sufficient amount of food for fuel in order to bulk up.

In today’s society, we think of calories as a negative thing. Calories are actually a unit of energy. You actually need them to operate — they are essential “fuel” for the body.

Our bodies need fuel to do their jobs: from breathing to pumping blood, to pumping iron. If you’re exerting 60 to 80% max effort when lifting weights, you’re expending a ton of energy! The best way to build muscle is to make sure your caloric intake meets or exceed your energy needs.

Eat the Right Stuff

You’ve probably heard that protein is necessary to build muscle. That’s true, but something most people don’t realize is that carbohydrates are the most important part of building muscle quickly!

Protein helps to build muscle and also repairs damaged muscles. Carbs actually carry that protein to the muscles, allowing the repair process to happen. A mistake that a lot of beginners make when trying to build muscle mass is to skip out on carbohydrates.

When you lift heavy, you’re tearing your muscles. Protein helps to contribute to the rebuilding of those muscles, which means lots of gains.

One way a lot of bodybuilders or heavy lifters deliver high doses of protein to their bodies is via protein shakes. There are plenty of different types of protein shakes out there. In addition to shakes, bodybuilders generally consume lots of lean meats for protein.

Let Your Body Rest

Muscle growth can’t occur if you don’t let your body recover. It seems counter-intuitive to take days off when you’re trying to build muscle, but it’s actually the best way to earn gains.

Surprisingly, it’s during rest that muscle growth happens. The break down that occurs in your muscles when you lift can’t be repaired if you’re not using recovery time properly. You actually do more harm than good when you skip rest because you risk curating a “flat” appearance and hindering your performance.

Keep it Natural

It can be tempting to turn to steroids when you’re trying to build muscle mass quickly. Unfortunately, steroids have a ton of unfavorable side effects: acne, headaches, dizziness, decreased sexual desire, urinary issues, and increased blood pressure are most notable.

Having a muscular body is possible without the help of steroids. There are plenty of natural vitamins, supplements, and other products out there that you can take to assist in your journey to a muscular body. This article by CrazyMass has some great information about non-steroidal alternatives that will help you gain muscle mass.

The Best Tips for Gaining Muscle: Be Consistent

The most important tip you could receive on how to gain muscle mass fast is to be consistent. Stick to a lean diet with plenty of carbs and protein, lift heavy, use your full effective range of motion, and make sure you’re exerting 60-80% of your maximum effort.

At the end of the day, changing your body is a process that takes time and dedication.

Everybody is different, so your muscle building journey will vary from others. However, if you follow these tips for gaining muscle, you’re sure to see growth. Check out our Health Community right away for more fitness tips, tricks, and guidelines.


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