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Mushroom Hunting Basics: How To Do It Right

Mushroom Hunting Basics: How To Do It Right

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When it comes to mushroom hunting, whether you are a veteran or a novice, assessing some guidelines is still essential. Underestimating the process is clearly a big turn down. There are numerous theories and speculations about mushroom hunting. Some methods based it on the period or time of the year, habitat, conditions, and safety. 

If you already have a list of your own, here are some additional information and tips to do it right.

1. Determine The Perfect Temperature

Just like assessing the perfect timing in doing anything, mushroom hunting goes with identifying the right temperature. When opting for the hunt, ensure that you do it when the Earth gets between 40 degrees to 60 degrees in temperature. This will help you find quality and best value of mushrooms in your hunt.

2. Prepare Your Equipment

When hunting for mushroom is an idea, preparing for the essential tools needed will better help you in the process. There are a few necessary things you need to bring with you. This tools will make your mushroom hunting more fun and more comfortable for you.

●     Waterproof Backpack

Consider a lightweight and waterproof backpack when going to your hunt. This will help you for unexpected rainfall and protecting your other non-water resistant stuff. Brushing with wet leaves and walking on wet and muddy pavements is also a possibility you should consider. Choosing one which also has many compartments will be beneficial for you. 

●     Global Positioning System, Maps or Compass

Taking GPS or maps with you can also be a helpful tool for your hunting. This will also be useful for your next mushroom hunting routine. Determining the right place and a good spot where to hunt mushroom will make it easier for your next hunting. Furthermore, taking maps or compass with you will help you on your way especially if you are not familiar with the place.

●     Hunting Knife

Preparing a sharp hunting knife to use and cut the mushroom is also one of the essentials. There are many other variations of the knife to use, but the most common ones are those with curved blades. The end of the knife is also used for cleaning the mushrooms. When cutting, make sure that you cut it at the bottom of its stem, this allows the mushroom to grow back.

●     Storage

Preparing for the right storage to put on your harvested mushrooms is another thing to consider. Make sure that the storage will allow your mushrooms to breathe as you carry it back home. The best water bottles manufacturer offers different types of bottles which you can use as storage. It is also multi-purpose; thus you don’t have to worry about using it only once.

●     Flashlights

Among the other tools which you will need in your mushroom hunting, taking an LED flashlight with you is also necessary. Whether you are going to hunt in daytime or nighttime, bringing flashlight will help you determine the right type of mushrooms. There are fake mushrooms which you will find in the way. This can be toxic and are not advisable to eat. To ensure that what you are picking are the right ones, make sure to take a closer and clearer look.

3. Know More About Its Habitat

One of the most common basis when hunting for mushroom is learning the habitat. Mushrooms usually have mutualistic relationships with the roots of the trees. Thus, an excellent place to hunt for mushrooms can be dead trees, old trees, or trees which you believe is a good one. Another habitat for mushrooms is burnt places, old logging areas, and other places with disturbed grounds. Although for disturbed grounds, you may also need to check and avoid chemically treated grounds.

4. Size Doesn’t Matter

Usually, when hunting for mushrooms, size is not a matter to consider. You don’t have to worry about it. But it also does not mean that you are now free to pick up every single mushroom that you see. Although big sizes are much preferable as always, they are rare to be found. When hunting for early seasons, expect thumb-sized mushrooms on your way. Bigger ones also do not mean that they are on later stages.

5. Never Forget About Safety

Along the way, you will find different type of mushrooms which little did you know are poisonous for you. Identifying which one is the right one and which are just mere look-alikes is just as essential. Here are some tips to help you find the right and safe mushrooms to hunt:

  • Hollow inside from the tip to bottom
  • Light colored, usually cream to light yellow
  • Cap is uniformly shaped and pitted inwards
  • Cap is directly attached to the stem

Hunting for mushrooms makes no greater guarantee for veterans. There are instances wherein nature won’t allow you to harvest some. However, if you are persistent enough, then it could be another story to tell. Knowing some tips such as this is also a tremendous advantage for you especially if this is your first time doing it. 

Perfect timing, right places, and a hand of useful tools are just some of the essential things you will be needing. More than anything else, making your hunting fun and thrilling is always a good idea to carry on.


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