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Music Lyrics and Song Lyrics Finder as Remedy from Earworms

Music Lyrics and Song Lyrics Finder as Remedy from Earworms

Music is a unique phenomenon. It is addictive to almost everyone. You can hardly find a person who doesn’t like listening to melodies. One prefers classical music. Others are fond of rock and heavy metals. Very often, people fall in love with lyric they’ve heard in some movies or musicals. They try to find the artist. It’s not always possible to do with the help of credit in the movie. 

So, you’ve got some song stuck in your head. The melomaniacs know how terrible it could be. You can think about nothing but the very that song. Such a phenomenon is called earworm or brainworm. Luckily, with the help of different online services like song lyrics finder/ AllMusicals

  • name of the artist;
  • name of the song;
  • genre;
  • words of music lyrics / AllMusicals;
  • musical in which the melody appeared;
  • movie to which the lyric was a soundtrack;
  • the year of edition;
  • recording type (albums, remixes, studio or live recordings);
  • album themes. 

The algorithm of dealing with such services is quite easy. You have to follow the following steps:

  1. find the proper searcher;
  2. enter the known information;
  3. study the results;
  4. enjoy the favorite lyrics.

The majority of such websites are free of charge. Yet, not all of them offer an option “download”. However, it’s not a big problem nowadays. You can listen to the song per Internet. 

Still, there are some difficulties in using song lyrics finder/ AllMusicals. The collections of such search engine services of music lyrics / AllMusicals


  • memorizing all words of the lyrics. If you learn by heart the whole song, it becomes too long to be held in mind;
  • listening to another ballad. There is one important point. It’s not enough to listen to the melody. You have to be engaged with it;
  • visualizing the words. Every song tells some story. You can try to imagine it. You can even imagine your own ending;
  • sharing the lyrics with your friends. You can discuss the melody together;
  • chewing a gum. This method is considered to be one of the most effective;
  • watching some talk shows. The main condition is that it should not be a musical talk show;
  • reading book.

There are really numerous methods in the fight against the earworms. Yet, you have to realize that songs stuck in your head aren’t a disease. It’s a quite usual and widespread phenomenon. That’s why the musical search engine services are so popular. 


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