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Must-Do Outdoor Activities in the USA

Must-Do Outdoor Activities in the USA

When looking for an adventurous trip, the United States is the right place to go. Although it might be famous for its amazing cities and towns, the USA has some stunning destinations for those who like outdoor activities. No matter what type of adventure you’re looking for, you will definitely find a place that matches your expectations.

Grand Canyon- Arizona

Looking for a place that has a lot of activities? The Grand Canyon in Arizona is the perfect place for you. In this canyon, you will be able to see that each layer of rock shows a time when a specific depositional environmental event took place. Studies show that the development of the Grand Canyon took place way before dinosaurs existed. For that reason, many people visit this fantastic location, and while they’re there, they can see the South Rim, West Rim, and the Grand Canyon Village. Other people visit the Grand Canyon to enjoy these sites while cycling or hiking. 

Glacier National Park- Montana 

Montana’s national park is the best place for hikers and everyone who loves outdoor activities. Everyone escapes there to relax and enjoy the natural views. You will be able to unplug from the world as there’s no cell-phone service in the area. 

If you love to spend time on the water, you can go kayaking on the crystal-clear lakes. While kayaking, you will be able to see the stunning views of Glacier National park from different spots. However, if you’re willing to go on this adventure, you must have the appropriate clothing and equipment. This informative kayaking guide on Bay Sports says that it’s essential to have your personal floating device and dress for the water and not the weather. Dressing for the water is vital because if the air is warm and you dress accordingly, your trip can be ruined if you fall in water that is cold. Having all the appropriate gear and clothes while kayaking will allow you to fully enjoy this experience.

There are plenty of places, such as the Highline trail that offers incredible views for campers. You can find a lot of camping sites in Montana’s Glacier National Park, where you can enjoy the sunrise or sunset. This location is also famous in summer for its stargazing crowds who come with telescopes, as it offers a clear sky view where you can see the Milky Way on a cloudless night.

Joshua Tree National Park- California 

The famous Joshua Trees can be found in the Mojave Desert. It was named by the Mormon settlers who thought that the trees looked like the Prophet Joshua, with his arms stretched towards heavens. The best outdoor activity that can be done there is hiking. It’s perfect for visiting all year long. There are also paths for all hiking levels with magnificent views.  

In Joshua Tree National Park, there is a lot of campsite for those who love camping. But you should be prepared for the weather as it can get really hot during the summer. For those not interested in hiking, they can visit Joshua Tree National park and enjoy the beauty of the place while driving through it. 

Volcano National Park- Hawaii 

For those who are looking for a good dose of adrenaline, visiting the five famous volcanos in Hawaii will offer just the right excitement. The volcanos are name Kohala, Mauna Kea, Hualalai, Mauna Loa, and Kilauea. Three of these volcanos are considered to be active, with the Kilauea erupting continuously since 1983. The park is open 24/7, which allows visitors to enjoy the amazing views at any time of the day. You can buy a pass that lasts seven days and enjoy every part of this place. In the Volcano National Park, you can see steam vents, walk through lava tubes and check out the action at the Volcano’s summit.

Many people walk or take a bike from the town of Kalapana to the ocean edge to see the lava fields that flow straight into the water. The view there is breathtaking with a lot of thrilling activities to be done. 

Yosemite- California 

Yosemite National Park is another incredible place to visit in California. It’s considered one of the best spots to visit because of the fascinating natural beauty in it. The best thing about the Yosemite National Park is that it offers a great experience to travelers on any budget. You can enjoy a hike on the Half Dome and check all the wonderful viewpoints in this location. There are also waterfalls all around the park that can easily be reached.

You can explore the park for free with the busses provided by the place and the pass you buy lasts for three days. So you’ll be able to explore it fully and won’t miss a spot. You can spend a night or two there if you get your own tent or you can stay at a motel. For those who want to enjoy a luxurious trip while exploring the park, they can stay at nearby hotels with luxury accommodations, spa, steam, and pools. The Yosemite National Park in California offers all types of outdoor activities to all travelers, which makes it a must-see destination while you’re in the US.

Sanibel Island- Florida 

Sanibel Island is located minutes away from Fort Myers, on the gulf coast of Florida. Visitors love this place as it gives them the feeling that it’s their private paradise. In this island, no one is allowed to build anything higher than the tallest palm tree, homes are built at a certain distance from the shore, and there are no fast-food restaurants. These rules allow the island to maintain its natural beauty and provide visitors with an exceptional experience. Apart from the amazing beach, travelers can hike, walk, or drive through the wildlife of the island. You can see raccoons, alligators, and many unique birds’ breeds. A kayaking tour in tarpon Bay is a must-try when you’re visiting the Sanibel Island. 

This island is a great place to enjoy all kinds of outdoor activities while enjoying the wildlife and relaxing vibe. These places are a must-visit while you’re in the USA. Before traveling, you can check the location of each spot and visit the town or city nearby as well. That way you’ll be able to enjoy the city life and have an epic hiking trip the next day. It’s also important to check the weather before you visit any of these places so you’ll be able to have all the required clothing and equipment.


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