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My Experience of Dieting Without Exercise

My Experience of Dieting Without Exercise

Are you planning to go on a restricted-calorie diet without any exercise routine in place? I am an overweight person due to which I have been suffering from various health ailments such as varicose veins due to my weight and have been visiting a vein clinic to get it treated.

To control my weight, I did the restricted-calorie diet hence my experience may help you decide if you really want to go on this diet.

I Did Lose a Lot of Weight but Less of Inches:

Controlling my diet made sure that my weighing scale was happy as I was constantly losing weight. This made me ecstatic as my hard work was paying off. But was I losing inches? I did lose a few inches but not as much as I thought I would. My weight loss was not really proportional to the inch loss which was a bit disappointing.

Weight loss by only controlling the calorie intake will definitely help you lose weight, but no exercise included means you must be losing muscle as well. Muscle weighs heavier than fat but occupies less volume hence your body may not be shrinking much but your weight changes drastically. Losing muscle is not great for your body as your metabolism will decrease as the muscle mass decreases and your body will become weak as well.

I Felt Low in Energy the Entire Day:

As I was not working out to burn calories hence my diet was really restrictive so that the calorie intake would be under 1500 calories but this meant that I was allowed to only eat certain low-calorie food and that too in a limited quantity hence I felt hungry and low in energy the entire day.

A diet which promises to make you lose weight without exercise will definitely control your food in such a way that you will feel hungry most of the day hence energy levels will be lower. Also, exercise makes you feel energetic which when excluded can make you feel like an old person.

My Productivity Decreased Drastically:

Due to constantly feeling hungry, my mind was always thinking about food and as I felt low in energy, my work was getting affected.

When you are on a restricted-calorie diet, your body may not be getting sufficient energy to function hence your mind will function slower. Also, due to no exercise, the blood circulation in the body is not as effective hence you will feel lethargic and less productive the entire day.

I Looked 10 Years Older:

Though I was losing weight, my friends constantly told me that I was looking old and sick.

A restricted weight-loss diet without including workout is actually not letting you eat enough hence your body may lack nutrients also the muscle loss in your body may lead to sagginess that will make you look older.

My Body was Out of Shape:

I could fit in my old clothes after a few months of strict dieting, but my body seemed out of shape. I had lost volume even from the areas where I did not want to lose. I body had no curves; it was totally flat and unattractive.

When diet is not done along with exercise, the body starts losing muscles hence if you check your body mass index, your body will consist mainly of water and fat and hardly any muscle mass which leads to an unattractive shape.

Off Diet, I Gained Back Faster than I Lost:

The worst part of doing this strict diet is that when I came back to my regular routine, I was so food deprived that I wanted to eat everything possible and I started gaining weight more than ever. I gained almost double of what I had lost.

When you do a restricted-calorie diet without exercise, your metabolism starts reducing hence when you get back to your previous routine, you gain back more weight than you had lost.

In conclusion, I would like to strictly insist you not to do such a half-cooked diet as no diet will work effectively if you do not exercise along with it The best way to lose weight is to follow a balanced diet, eat till you feel full and exercise three times a week. You cannot follow a restricted calorie diet your entire life, instead, follow a balanced regime which can become your lifestyle.

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