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My View: “A Table At Le Cirque” Sirio Maccioni Has Passed

“A Table At Le Cirque” ( a great read) were some of our most treasured evenings in New York City.  For me those nights started in my clothes closet, picking out just the right suit, tie, and newly laundered shirt… you never knew what special people you would meet in Sirio Maccioni’s legendary restaurant.  Sabrina (Maccioni) Wender & Marco Maccioni soon became fast friends.  Marco was the consummate host and Sabrina’s Musical Mondays were always special events.   The patriarch of the family Sirio Maccioni founder of Le Cirque,  who was officially designated a Living Landmark by New York City has passed away at the family’s villa in Tuscany….Here are a few of my remembrances at having “A Table At Le Cirque”. 

Mayor Michael Bloomberg, Sirio Maccioni, Marco Maccioni

A classic appearance…… vintage beauty…… while sounding great…… is an absolute showpiece…… stands out in a crowded field vying for your attention….. Those are some of the words used to describe the Shure 55 Mic first introduced 70 years ago. Coincidentally they could also be some of the ways to describe the beauty of the singing style of Sabrina Wender. Sabrina, on special evenings appears on the musical menu of the legendary Le Cirque restaurant. The talented family member, like the classic beauty of the vocal instrument developed by Sidney Shure (with the company he founded in 1925), has a sound that cannot be set in any specific time frame. It’s timeless. They both have the sound and good looks of all those great lounge and cabaret singers of the 40’s, 50’s, 60’s and fit perfectly in a contemporary setting. Watching and listening to Sabrina in the elegant setting of Le Cirque brings you back to the time when soft, swinging, beautiful music enveloped a room and created the perfect environment for sharing a romantic evening. Sabrina Wender’s song list brings a tasteful array of international musical favorites to add to the charm of her performance. The menu of executive chef Massimo Beber will give you great pleasure and so will the musical menu of Sabrina Wender

Sabrina (Maccioni) Wender

The word got out and Bill Boggs didn’t have a problem packing the house at Le Cirque last night. I’m sure everyone would have shown up even if he hadn’t invited them to his Birthday Party. There were tributes galore as Bill’s family and friends shared their treasured reflections of having this great friend in their lives. Even the stranger who go up and said he didn’t know Bill, but it seemed like he was a such good guy was so sincere. Then this fellow put down his drink, mistakingly shook hands with someone other than Bill, wished him a Happy Birthday and walked out. Everyone talked about how good Bill made them feel, especially the woman in his life Lady Jane Rothchild. Speaking of my own experience with this charismatic, debonair, Emmy winning talk show host…..I will never forget the time I first met Bill. He complimented me on my attire and said I always looked quite well. Bill told me it’s important… he’s a firm believer in “clothes make the man”. The fact that this conversation was had in the Friars steam room did not diminish the glow I got from his flattering remark.

Bill Boggs & Stephen Sorokoff

Her Royal Highness Crown Princess Katherine of Serbia founded the organization LIFELINE which raises funds to aid the suffering of the people of Serbia. Her annual charity event was held at the legendary Le Cirque yesterday.  Enjoying Le Cirque’s wonderful Black Bass in Crisp Pastry (no Trump Steak on the menu) was Ivana Trump along with the table’s hosts Donna & Dick Soloway and their guests Tommy Tune, Peter Glebo,  Ivana Trump, Eda Sorokoff and Jamie deRoy, among others.

Sirio Maccioni & Woody Allen
Deana Martin, Mauro Maccioni, Eda Sorokoff, John Griffith
Martha Stewart, Siro Maccioni, Christina Rose, Edwina Macionni
Eda Sorokoff & Siro Maccioni
Jane Rothchild, Christina Rose, Eda Sorokoff
Eda Sorokoff, Tommy Tune, Ivana Trump
Maria von Nicolai, Bill Boggs, Jane Rothchild, Christina Rose, Stephen Sorokoff
William O’Shaughnessy & Ernie Anastos
Richard Soloway, Margo Catsimatidis, Stephen Sorokoff
Bill Boggs, Eda Sorokoff, Marco Maccioni


Stephen studied at the Manhattan School of Music. Besides being a pianist, Stephen’s business career was in the Fashion Industry. He was CEO of a textile manufacturing facility and President of an international textile machinery company. Stephen was on the Board of Directors of the “First All Children’s Theatre” which brought the Stephen Schwartz musical The Trip and Captain Louie to the Kennedy Center in Wash DC. His wife Eda, an interior space designer and classical pianist was on the Board of Barrington Stage Company and is still active at BSC. Stephen’s photographs, videos and articles appear on, and The New York Observer. He is active in the entertainment events at the Friars Club, where he is a member. Stephen is also an Honorary Board Member of The Society For The Preservation of The Great American Songbook. Stephen

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