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My View: Wow! The Lady at That Table Can Sure Sing…Wonder if she ever did it Professionally?

A few days post Marilyn Maye’s memorable engagement in the Wick Theatre Cabaret Johnny Carson’s favorite singer was relaxing and dining with friends at Table 26 in Palm Beach.  The other patrons in the restaurant subsequently got an unexpected rare treat.  Jill & Rich Switzer Legends Radio hosts and cabaret performers extraordinaire were the featured entertainment in Eddie & Ozzie’s famous eatery and the microphone was soon in the hands of Marilyn Maye who graciously sang a tune.  Diners got a super surprise special added to the menu for their night out as Marilyn “sang for her supper”.  Marilyn Maye is well known and loved in Palm Beach, however I did hear a young member of the waitstaff remark….”wow, the lady at that table can sure sing, I wonder if she ever did it professionally”? 

Marilyn Maye at Table 26
Marilyn Maye at Table 26
Jill Switzer, Eddie, Marilyn Maye, Ozzie, Rich Switzer
Eddie, Marilyn Maye, Ozzie
Jill Switzer
Rich Switzer
Joel Koeppel, Carole Koeppel, Jamie deRoy, Eda Sorokoff, Missy Robinson, Stephen Sorokoff
Avery Sommers, Rob Russell, Chris West Peter Parry John Cox
Jamie deRoy & Marilyn Maye
Marilyn Maye & Joel Koeppel
Eda Sorokoff


Stephen studied at the Manhattan School of Music. Besides being a pianist, Stephen’s business career was in the Fashion Industry. He was CEO of a textile manufacturing facility and President of an international textile machinery company. Stephen was on the Board of Directors of the “First All Children’s Theatre” which brought the Stephen Schwartz musical The Trip and Captain Louie to the Kennedy Center in Wash DC. His wife Eda, an interior space designer and classical pianist was on the Board of Barrington Stage Company and is still active at BSC. Stephen’s photographs, videos and articles appear on, and The New York Observer. He is active in the entertainment events at the Friars Club, where he is a member. Stephen is also an Honorary Board Member of The Society For The Preservation of The Great American Songbook. Stephen

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