Nailing the Wedding of a Lifetime with Valentino Beauty Pure

Nailing the Wedding of a Lifetime with Valentino Beauty Pure

Here comes the bride, and she comes to her amazing manicure. As women all across the country begin to head down the aisle this summer there is one trend that is helping to create stunning memories for a lifetime. The bride’s dress and veil are always a must, but more than ever women are looking for an accessory to highlight their ensemble. There is always going to be something blue to borrow, such as sapphire-colored earrings, but now the tradition is being met by the biggest trend in the industry – the perfect manicure. 

Valentino Beauty Pure offers the perfect nails for your special day. Michelle Soto of Chelly’s Nails is an esteemed educator and brand ambassador for the company. The revered nail artist’s loyal Instagram followers rely on her for the latest in beauty, and brides around the country are equally embracing her gorgeous ideas.

According to Michelle, this summer wedding season brides are going to shine with the three biggest en vogue designs in years – 3D Nail Art, Baby Boomer, and Gradient Colors. 

3D Nail Art application with the use of Valentino Beauty Pure products will make the simple and delicate details of your dress pop. The look is just like a regular lace manicure with the exception of materials that stick to your nails to create a raised 3D texture. The unique style can highlight for example raised flower petals or sophisticated jewels. Gold details and a white base are the best combinations to make your dream come true. Your day is special and the brand wants you to shine. These types of nails can be applied to your natural nails or gels.

Boomer is also known as Baby Boomer Nails. Valentino Beauty Pure has tapped into this trend that has been incredibly popular this year. Also known as French ombré or French fade, this look is a new take on the classic French manicure. The more traditional bride looking to shake things up a bit will adore this sophisticated style. They are the true definition of class through and through. 

Gradient Colors with Valentino Beauty Pure is an art form their technicians use to make you glow on your special day in a unique way. The ombré effect with different colors is suited for the bride wanting to make a big bright statement. The use of two or more shades creates a splendid illusion of a subtly shifting rainbow of colors. You can select soft colors such as cream or rose, or go wild and make it part of your ‘something blue’.

Valentino Beauty Pure products are all topnotch and high quality, so expect your manicure to last longer than your brief moment at the altar as you say ‘I do.’ Have confidence that these manicures will stand out on the dance floor at the reception and will continue to shine as you head off in the sunset for your honeymoon. 

According to Michelle, use of the brand’s products can make a manicure last more than four weeks. You will be in love with your nails as much as your new spouse. 

Here is to all the beautiful weddings this summer and beyond.

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