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National Teacher Appreciation Day – Honoring a Mentor in Style

National Teacher Appreciation Day – Honoring a Mentor in Style

Today is National Teacher Appreciaton Day. It is a moment to honor and show appreciation for some of our favorite people on the planet.

Jennifer Cervantes, former teacher and CEO of Tough as a Mother Tribe, highlights the importance of honoring teachers this year… to ensure they are provided the support, love and appreciation they truly deserve. Here are four ways offered by her that you can honor teachers this year.

Tip #1: Do not underestimate the power of a thank you note
Teachers have been under an extreme amount of stress to ensure our children are taken care of. Receiving a handmade gift, like a card, note or virtual message is the perfect way to show the teacher in your life just how much you love and appreciate them. Detail a favorite memory, how they have impacted you personally, and what you cherish most about them. Maybe get the whole class involved! Trust me, they are far more meaningful and impactful than most people realize. 

Tip #2: Offer assistance where needed
Teachers who are mamas have had to sacrifice so much time teaching their own children in order to teach all the students in the class. Their work as a teacher can be quite a heavy and overwhelming undertaking. Offer to help out with small tasks or assist in cleaning the classroom up after school (if not virtual)… Anything that can help lessen their load. 

Tip #3: Help your teacher relax and unwind
Teachers with young babies, like myself, have gone through immense stress. I personally lost all my breastmilk and had to find a way to teach with a 5-month-old and 2-year-old when we first went remote. Try throwing together a relaxation kit to help them unwind and destress after a long week. You can include items such as essential oils and/or diffusers, scented candles, at-home spa items (face masks, scrubs, etc.), a selection of tea, and some baked goods or sweet treats.  

Give a meaningful gift like a Tough as a Mother Tribe Necklace

Tip #4: Gift Something Meaningful
Teachers are immensely underpaid and play so many roles in a day, besides just a teacher. They truly deserve a meaningful gift this year, as it has been truly challenging for teachers. Anything that you put some personalized attention or effort into can go a long way to show your favorite teachers how much you care and value them.


ElizaBeth Taylor is a journalist for Times Square Chronicles and is a frequent guest at film, fashion and art events throughout New York City and Los Angeles due to her stature as The Sensible Socialite.Passionate about people ElizaBeth spent many years working as a travel reporter and television producer after graduating with high honors from University of Southern California. The work has afforded her the opportunity to explore Europe, Russia, South America, Asia, Australia and the Middle East. It has greatly influenced the way in which ElizaBeth sees a story and has created a heightened awareness for the way people around the world live today.

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