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Need a voice solutions, choose best voice API providers

Need a voice solutions, choose best voice API providers

A mobile app is said to be good if it is built for a unique purpose, has easy to use features, and state of the art technology. But, this isn’t sufficient today as many competitors are in the market. Your idea and selection of features may be the right integrations but you need to add something more. Adding voice API is the new on-demand feature of a mobile app. Today, many tough competitors are using such solutions which are affordable as well. Want to learn about voice API? Here is a guide to it.

What is voice API?

It is a tool that developers use to make calls handling easy with an API. It acts as a bridge between the PSTN and applications that run on internet. Earlier, making a call was not possible using internet but the technology has made it possible now. Now, a voice API can be used to build voice calling applications without using the traditional PSTN. Programming them is easy and one doesn’t need any specialization in hardware and telecommunication knowledge. 

Developers can build a logic that can be used on any device and any network. Users can make call without using the traditional PSTN to make and receive calls using VoIP functionality. This is possible only on internet. This gives flexibility to developer to have full control over application. They need not to have buy expensive systems or go deep into complex protocols for call handling. 

Voice API capabilities

A voice API let you do following things:

  • Text to speech services 
  • Call tracking 
  • Recording and transcription services 
  • Control call routing 
  • Detailed call records
  • SDK and developer resources

Do you really need voice API?

Yes, you need and here are the reasons why. The mobile apps without such integrations are nothing just phones without a SIM. VoIP services have become the backbone of a mobile app where a service provider and user can easily communicate. Such integrations are useful for everyone whoever is connected to the app and enhances their overall experiences. Almost all service provides, admin and customers get benefit from it. However, it is not mandatory to integration voice solutions to a mobile app but few good reasons will make you understand why it is useful.

  • Verification calls and OTP- verification is pretty essential at the time any user signs up with your application. Voice APIs are handy to carry out these verifications efficiently.
  • Calling and texting– there should be a way by which easy communication between services providerand customer can be done. This requirement is fulfilled by integrating voice solutions to the android or iOS app.
  • Trigger based notifications-today; notifications play a vital role as they deliver every-step information to the customers. The journey of their order is notified to the customer right from the start to the dispatch and delivery through notifications. SMS and voice APIs can navigate this real time information to the customers via app.
  • Number masking– number masking is essential when a customer want to get in touch with the service provider or vice versa. This is to protect the privacy of the customer. Voice APIs are best way to enable this interaction whilst providing privacy safety from the app where no private information about the customer is revealed.
  • Broadcast messages– special announcement can be made to the number of customers using SMS and voice APIs. 
  • Cost-effective– the voice based solutions are cost-effective as no significant cost is involved in installation of hardware. This reduces the cost on outbound calls to 35 percent if it is used in combination with SIP trunking.
  • Quality calls– the natural rhythm while making call can be broken by latency but a voice API ensures that all the calls offer clear audio and natural rhythm. It routes the call to any other data center of the world which is nearest to the user thus maintaining the quality of call.
  • New communication lines– voice APIs offer new lines of communication to the user thus ensuring continuous communication without any breaks. It offers communication lines such as VoIP calling, SIP, embed PSTN into the site, service or app site.

So, now you understand why a voice API is the best solution for your application and business. The question that now persists is how to choose. Here are few things that matter when making a choice.

Things that matter for API selection

Look at first few things that are highly essential such as:

  • Pricing- it is not true that an expensive solution is the best one always. The cheaper option is sometimes that you need. Well, don’t just go straight with the price, check for the requirements before you finally decide for the price.
  • Reliability– you should check out the reviews to know how reliable the provider is. 
  • Availability- you should check for the geographic coverage within your country. This point can limit your choices as few APIs don’t have wide coverage. 
  • Delivery reports- this is not obligatory however having a delivery report about the services will give you some pieces of information that will help you in analysis.
  • Integration – the last point is again a matter of consideration. You should know you can the voice API be integrated with the application. 

Voice APIs are no doubt simple, fast and well tested ways for appending communication and other useful features into the applications but it should be reliable and stable as well. A 24×7 customer support is also necessary to experience good service every time. 

Choose a provider that offers no service interruptions and offers the connectivity round the clock. Also, make sure that they are trustworthy as your data is in their hand. They should make your data safe and secure. Check for the communication providers to have ISO27001, SOC2, and GDPR which are established standards for communication. They should also have a sound fraud prevention policy along with a monitoring method of applications to prevent the customer’s data from attacks.

Choose the leading providers of cloud communication for voicebased solutions for your business.

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