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Need to Write a Press Release Here are Some Expert Tips

Need to Write a Press Release Here are Some Expert Tips

Some people are under the impression that press releases are exclusive to public figures and organizations, but that’s not really true. Journalists highly depend on press releases to present various topics and stories, and they pick them carefully. Crafting a well-written press release that turns people’s heads is a pretty good way to get your business ahead on public and business landscapes. We’ve gathered a few of the best expert tips that you can use to write a magnetic press release.

Newsworthy Story or Claim

Before you begin writing a letter in your press release, think about the headlines, stories, and articles you like to read. You’ll find that the things that pique your interest the most are things that you have rarely seen. Headlines that look like they give the audience a solution to a problem or offer interesting new information are the ones that make the biggest splash. You might want to ask yourself whether your story contains any new info, unusual details, elements that might be interesting to those outside the industry, and if anyone would actually find it worthy of reading.

It’s essential to look at your press release from an objective perspective and leave your emotions at the doorstep. Even if you find yourself excited about the publication, it doesn’t necessarily mean others will share the same sentiment. If you feel that the only interested parties are seemingly the marketing directors and those directly involved, you may not have a suitable story yet. It’s important to look for coverage of similar stories to get a feel of how it works.

Check the Industry Standard

It’s worth mentioning that various types of press releases are almost exclusive to their industries. Ensuring that you’re using the right language, formatting, and tone for your press release is essential. To create a good skeleton or draft, you might want to check a sample of press release before you begin. Knowing how your competitors and industry leaders are writing their releases can give you an edge and allow you to come up with the perfect formula for your press releases. Press releases almost always have the standard format, so you’ll need to learn about these.

Call to Action

Without strong, clear action, your readers would be confused about what to do next. You need a prominent call-to-action that lets your audience understand what to do and what is the purpose of your press release. Let’s face it, the majority of your target audience would not bother reading the whole press release. It’s better to keep your CTA highlighted in your text to ensure your purpose is obvious. The best location for CTAs is in the middle of the press release, between the first and the third paragraph. This way, it won’t seem too pushy, yet it will appear “loud” and clear to easily bored readers. CTAs need to stand out and draw attention to your text. The best format is bold, italic, or highlighted. It should also include a link that clarifies to your readers the action they need to take.

Bold and Powerful Headlines

Even though the headline is just a few words long, it can make or break your press release’s engagement and reading rate. A good first impression can get your press release out there in no time. On the other hand, if you craft a very well-written press release and just rush the headline, you may end up unsatisfied with how people are dealing with it. For a headline to work, it has to be both intriguing and informative. Your audience has to quickly understand why the headline refers to a relevant and interesting press release.

You can include numbers in your headlines, whether it’s in the form of statistics or comparisons, which is a concept that has proven to generate over 70% of extra engagement and shares. Giving your headlines a little action by providing verbs that create a notion of urgency to entice your audience to read. If you’re using adjectives, make sure that they are unique and interesting to stand out from all the other headlines. The accuracy of your language is essential if you want your audience not to lose faith in what you have to offer.

Showing Multimedia

One of the best ways to ensure that your press release makes an impact is by using multimedia; show, don’t tell. Any story can be significantly improved with multimedia thanks to its ability to clarify information and offer visual elements that grab attention. Press releases with visual elements have much more views than their textual counterpart. Make no mistake, using irrelevant multimedia will backfire, and the audience will lose interest once they notice it’s not on-target. Avoid using blurry images, videos with low quality, or broken sound as much as you can. Journalists often pick up content that has overall high quality, including the multimedia.


Since your press release will come in contact with search engines’ algorithms, you need to be aware of the effect of SEO on your writing. Many marketers and PR specialists take it into account as early as possible when writing the press release, especially if they are looking to garner an overall high engagement rate. Since Google’s algorithm begun understanding natural language through AI, misspellings matter less and the concept of the search remains intact. This means that the formatting of your press release can play an important role in getting the algorithm to notice it faster and index it higher. Try to keep your sentences short and paragraphs small, in addition to using bullets or lists to organize the flow of displaying information.

Every marketing and PR specialist needs to be able to understand and master the art of writing press releases if they would like their client or company to go big. Social media is often considered the main factor that influences marketing press releases on a big scale, especially when you take into account the highly engaging audience it has. Follow the mentioned tips to ensure that your press release is impeccable and straight to the point.


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