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Neon lights sales soaring thanks to Instagram

Neon lights sales soaring thanks to Instagram

Instagram is one of the fastest growing social media platforms boasting an unfathomable 500 million daily users. Many social media marketers have availed this channel to enhance their services and products and with such a wide spread reach, any business would be crazy not to utilize such a powerful tool.

But it’s not just the social media marketers that are revving up the popularity of neon. So too are all the other Instagrammers that are posting pictures featuring neon signs and lights.

What is it about a neon sign that just screams “take a picture?”

Whether that be the instantly recognizable lights of Vegas, or an illuminated love heart at a wedding, people go selfie crazy and post these pics for the world to see.

  • Aesthetic appeal

Literally neon signs can now be customized into any design or logo. The trademark colour is red but with advances in the manufacture of neon and LED lights there are an array of colors to choose from.

No longer just limited to business looking to illuminate their “Open” sign, they are now used as décor for homes, man caves, baby rooms etc.  A growing trend is a customized neon sign for weddings. “Mr & Mrs” “I Do” or some are opting to have their vows or song lyric in neon lights.

  • Functionality

Using a neon light can be multi-functional. Not only is it a means to advertise, but also it can used to create some atmospheric lighting. Pubs, night clubs, concert halls often adorn their walls with neon lights.

Unlike normal lighting solutions, neon tends to have a lot more longevity and is hardy to harsh weather conditions, making it perfect for outdoor use. If you travel to any major city in the world you are sure to find a skyscraper illuminated in some way utilizing this lighting source. Businesses have been availing these products for a number of reasons. Neon lights are literally unmissable.

Instagram has triggered the sales by making this product more attractive through a number of tools available.

Statistically, it has been proven that the sales in neon lights have increased dramatically. Part of this success can definitely be attributed to social media platforms like Instagram. There are many pages on this platform where you can find how beneficial neon lights can be

The knock on effect of the increase in popularity of neon is that businesses are now altering the way in which they design their shop fronts, store interiors and external facades.

Milk shake shops with brash lighting, clear spherical hanging chairs, and illuminated neon love hearts are popping up in different cities and there are polls online about “the most instagrammable cafes in London, New York, and many cities the world over.

There are articles about how to throw the most Instagram worthy party, which in itself highlights the clout that Instagram as a brand has developed.

These articles cover everything from presents, invitations, décor, lighting, music, and ambience and are always accompanied by stunning images that every party thrower aspires to and every party go-er wants to attend.

From humble beginnings in 2010, Instagram soon exploded on to the social media scene as the number one photography app.

And the snap happy population of today cannot get enough.

When any new quirky photo opportunity presents itself, whether that be stunning country side, a cute animal, an epic burger or a funky neon sign, you can be sure it will be snapped and shared and there will be an eager following looking to replicate or do better.

  • Marketing diversity

Instagram is very diverse when it comes to marketing. There are all kinds of products being marketed on Instagram in many ways. Neon signs are one of them. There are many diverse and versatile ways in which these products can be marketed. Instagram provides a diverse platform where it can be marketed.

There are clear reasons why there is an increase in the sales of neon lights and Instagram has played a major role in it. Above are some of the ways listed in which neon lights have been popular through this platform.

Neon lights are not new products. It has been here for many years. However, it has come back into the market for good reasons. Due to its enhanced functionality and aesthetic appeal, many customers have purchased these products through platforms like Instagram.


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