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Neuropathic Pain Treatment Options Every Patient Should Know About

Neuropathic Pain Treatment Options Every Patient Should Know About

Peripheral nerves spread throughout your body, including your arms, fingers, legs, toes, and organs. As part of the nervous system, your peripheral nerves send pain signals to your pain centers. However, the veins are likely to send the wrong signals when the fibers malfunction, resulting in pain and sensitivity (to the touch) in the affected areas. Many forms of neuropathic pain in Austin are steadily affecting patients with varying pain levels. While the pain can be debilitating in some individuals, others might feel a tingling and numbing effect. 

What treatment options can relieve you from neuropathic pain?

Before suggesting treatment, your doctor will evaluate your health to ensure that pre-existing conditions likely to lead to neuropathy, like diabetes, are in check. The options the medical expert might recommend will help you manage the pain and minimize your risks of developing the treatment’s side effects. There being a wide range of options, your physician might recommend different treatment options before settling on an option that will best suit your unique needs.

The treatment options your healthcare provider is likely to recommend include:

·         Medications

Your doctor might prescribe antidepressants or antiepileptic drugs to minimize nerve pain and ease your neuropathic symptoms. Your doctor might also suggest opioids and nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) to help control your pain. However, while NSAIDs might fail to offer effective relief, opioids use has an addiction risk.

Besides prescription drugs, nerve block injections and topical creams like capsaicin cream can help relieve neuropathic symptoms. The medical professional may also recommend lidocaine patches which the doctor will apply on your skin to minimize your symptoms.

·         Therapies

When medications fail to ease your debilitating symptoms, your healthcare provider might suggest the following remedies:

§  Physical therapy– your physician can guide you through physical exercises to improve your movements, especially with muscle weakness. The healthcare professional might also suggest you use hand and foot braces, walker, cane, or wheelchair.

§  Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS)- the machine has sticky pads (electrodes) that your physician places on your treatment area delivers gentle electric currents at different frequencies. You might need to apply the electrodes approximately 30 minutes daily as per your doctor’s recommendations.

§  Intravenous immune globulin or plasma exchange– your physician can suggest either of the treatments to suppress your overactive immune system, especially if you have specific inflammatory conditions. During plasma exchange therapy, your doctor draws your blood, removes antibodies (and other proteins) before transfusing it into your system. On the other hand, immune globulin entails receiving proteins likely to work as your antibodies.           

§  Surgery– a surgical procedure is usually the last resort your doctor will recommend after all the other options fail to relieve your symptoms. For instance, the physician might suggest an invasive treatment to ease pressure on your nerves when the force results from a tumor.  

Besides medical-related treatment options, your doctor may advise you to try alternative options like acupuncture or home remedies like eating a healthy diet to give your essential minerals.  

Neuropathic pain can prevent you from living your everyday life. Though neuropathy is not life-threatening, managing the pain can be challenging. However, your healthcare provider might recommend a combination of treatment options to help you live a pain-free life. Contact your doctor to know how neuropathic treatments can enhance your life quality. 


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