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Never Pick The Wrong Nail Polish Ever Again!



There’s nothing quite like a fresh set of nails and the pop of color that comes with it. Choosing the suitable nail polish can be tricky, whether you’re looking for something fun and flashy or prefer something understated for everyday wear. If you’re unsure where to start, never fear; here are some tips to help ensure you select the perfect nail polish for any occasion.

Consider Your Skin Tone – Choose a Color That Will Complement It

When selecting a new nail polish, your skin tone is an essential factor to consider. A flattering shade will make your hands look their best and even detract from flaws. To choose the most complementary hue easily, observe yourself in natural light and note which colors stand out. 

Warmer skin tones pair wonderfully with earthy tones like dark brown and deep reds, while lighter complexions often look best when paired with cooler-toned hues such as a glazed donut gel nail polish or icy blue. Consider these options for an elegantly polished manicure that will turn heads.

Choose a Color That Fits The Occasion 

The right color can make a statement regarding nail polish for special events like holiday parties and weddings; subtle, sophisticated nudes and pastels can give you an elegant look. Meanwhile, for more informal occasions, going with an eye-catching color such as crimson red or electric blue can allow you to express your creativity and flair. 

If you ever doubt what color is appropriate for any occasion, keep the classic colors in mind – they never go out of style!

Consider The Season

Seasonality can be a significant determining factor when picking out the perfect nail polish color. Rich fall tones like burgundies, hazelnuts, and copper will make your look stand out during the cooler months, while bright, glossy hues of teal, turquoise, and lavender shades are perfect for freshening up your style in spring. 

Punchy shades of coral and pink will help elevate your summer look, while winter whites and pale taupe are the ideal choices to keep your nails on-trend throughout winter. Consider the season before you decide—it could add just the right touch to make your look unforgettable!

Think About The Environment You’re In

When you’re choosing nail polish, remember to consider the environment you’re in. Some venues, such as business meetings or conservative family events, maybe too formal for more brightly colored polishes; in those instances, a subtle, neutral shade is usually the most appropriate. On the other hand, more expressive colors may be welcome—and even encouraged—at more casual social gatherings and special occasions.

Research Brands And Pick One With Good Customer Reviews

When choosing the perfect nail polish, researching brands and reading customer reviews is a great place to start. Research can help you make the best choice for your next manicure. Look for brands with comments about the ease of application and length of wear. Additionally, make sure to take into account color selection and if the product has been tested for chemicals and toxins. 

Look At Other People’s Nails to Get Inspiration

Sometimes, the most helpful thing to do is to look around and get inspiration from what other people are rocking on their nails. Looking at what’s trending in nail art may provide you with some creative ideas and help you decide which color palette or design looks best on you. Additionally, perusing through makeup tutorials can offer insight into what kind of nail art looks good on different skin tones and if certain combinations complement each other well. 

With so many nail polish options, choosing the perfect color for any occasion can be challenging. But it doesn’t have to be, as selecting the suitable nail polish should be an exciting experience! Whether you opt for the traditional red or go off the beaten path with a bolder color, playing around with different shades of lacquer will bring lots of joy and satisfaction.

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NYFW: Runway Of Dreams A Fashion Revolution That Inspires Part 2



Disabled people constitute the largest minority group in the world, yet are the most underserved and underrepresented.Shopping for clothes is challenging enough, but for anyone whose body falls outside the norm, it is next to impossible. Disabled people hold a lot of power, and it is about time that they are represented with apparel that makes them feel confident with adaptive designs  that can empower people with disabilities. Big names such as Tommy Hilfiger’s disability-friendly collection, which includes adaptive features like Velcro closures, magnetic buttons and adjustable hems and Nike’s Go FlyEase shoe, marks the first hands-free sneaker ever made.

Yesterday we wrote about one of the most inspiring events I have ever attended. A Fashion Revolution featured adaptive and universally designed apparel, footwear, and products from: Zappos, Kohl’s, Target, JCPenney, Tommy Hilfiger Adaptive, Stride Rite, Steve Madden, French Toast Adaptive, adidas, and the runway debut of Victoria’s Secret and PINK’s first-ever Adaptive Intimates showcased on 70 models, with varying disabilities and backgrounds, in addition to loved ones, caregivers and support animals.

Runway of Dream or RoD, raises awareness through large scale runway shows, but can you image…we all have to get dressed every day and when there are no clothes that make you feel wanted, that has to do something to your self worth. Despite fashion’s rallying cries for inclusion, it seems that only applies to race, gender, sexuality, age, size, and religion, but rarely to one’s abilities. If you have limited use of your arms or  a pant that would work for someone with a prosthetic.

Fashion should be everybody’s right and this was a night to be celebrated.

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NYFW: Runway Of Dreams A Fashion Revolution That Inspires



I.8 Billion people have a disability on this planet. 1 in 4 (27 percent) adults in the United States have some type of disability.

  • 12.1 percent of U.S. adults have a mobility disability with serious difficulty walking or climbing stairs.
  • 12.8 percent of U.S. adults have a cognition disability with serious difficulty concentrating, remembering, or making decisions.
  • 7.2 percent of U.S. adults have an independent living disability with difficulty doing errands alone.
  • 6.1 percent of U.S. adults are deaf or have serious difficulty hearing.
  • 4.8 percent of U.S. adults have a vision disability with blindness or serious difficulty seeing even when wearing glasses.
  • 3.6 percent of U.S. adults have a self-care disability with difficulty dressing or bathing.

Until 4 years ago, there was no clothing or shoes made specifically to help people with disabilities dress. If you add in the senior population, who most need the same adjustments that number is staggering. 1 in 6 people are over 65 and that equals 55.8 million.

Katy Sullivan, Margarita Parlionas and Suzanna Bowling

Suzanna Bowling and Billy Price of Billy’s shoes

Last night I was so honored to be attending the runway show, A Fashion Revolution featuring adaptive and universally designed apparel, footwear, and products from: Zappos, Kohl’s, Target, JCPenney, Tommy Hilfiger Adaptive, Stride Rite, Steve Madden, French Toast Adaptive, adidas, and the runway debut of Victoria’s Secret and PINK’s first-ever Adaptive Intimates showcased on 70 models with varying disabilities and backgrounds, in addition to loved ones, caregivers and support animals.

Mindy Scheier and Logan Aldridge

Mindy Scheier, Founder of Runway of Dreams hosted the show along with Shaquem Griffin, former NFL linebacker (dressed in looks provided by Neiman Marcus and Tommy Hilfiger)

Attending was Victoria’s Secret model – Mayowa Nicholas,  Lydia Smith – Chief Diversity Officer, Victoria’s Secret & Co., Scott Schaefer – Zappos CEO, Dana Zumbo – Zappos Adaptive Business Development Manager, Billy Price – BILLY Footwear, Logan Aldridge and Aaron Rose Philip

Participanting in the show were  
Jay Manuel, Victoria Arlen, McKenzie Coan, Lachi, Misty Diaz, Lexie Bader, Steffi Gonzalez, Toby Tremain, Caitlin Connor, Chris Ruden, Dustin Giannelli, Wildine Aumoithe, Syanne Centeno-Bloom, Monika Myers, April Lockhardt and so many more.

They took to the runway with confidence, joy, feeling seen and an exuberance that was so heart warming.

Runway of Dream or RoD, raises awareness through large scale runway shows; campaigns for inclusion educational programs that inspire and develop the next generation of design innovators and marketing leaders; and advocates on the need and necessity of inclusion through resources and thought-provoking panels.

Logan Aldridge and T2C’s Suzanna Bowling

The event took place at Powerhouse Arts, 322 Third Avenue, in Brooklyn and it was so worth the trek.

To see more of this amazing adaptive movement go to Hudson Yards Mall until September 16th. A open-to-the-public and free, first-of- its-kind Adaptive exhibit that will feature Adaptive and Universally Designed collections from mainstream brands committed to inclusion in the fashion and beauty industries, and the history of Runway of Dreams as a trailblazer in the Adaptive space. The event emphasizes the need for true inclusion in our mainstream world.

If today’s facts didn’t shock you and make you ponder, tomorrow’s facts will. Plus fashion shows.



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Fashion Week at The Hudson Yards Where Art Was Skytop



From the fabulous photographer and artist Roger Sichel.

Guests enjoyed spectacular birds-eye panoramic views from every perspective, high above the bustle of Manhattan at 15 Hudson Yards 90th floor.

The guest list was exclusive, as drinks and art were highlighted. Models, art, fashion, champagne and cavier abound.

The party was curated by Eddy Bogaert and hosted by Rakesh Gupta.

There was art by Liam Duffy.

Photography from the wonderful Nancy Levier.

Fabulous work by John Mazlish and John-Herbert Wright called Decompression.

I really loved Sandy Cohen’s work.

This was a night of art to celebrate.


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Stay Fashionable and Healthy with These Magnetic Jewelry Options




Have you heard about magnetic jewelry? Magnetic jewelry is gradually gaining popularity among fashion lovers for its unique health benefits and distinctive style statements. Further, the low price of magnetic jewelry is making it a favorite among youngsters.  If you’re looking to add a touch of style to your everyday outfits while also supporting your overall well-being, then magnetic jewelry could be the perfect choice for you.

In this blog, we will learn about what magnetic jewelry is and how it can help you achieve holistic well-being by making you look fashionable. So let’s read on to know more about authentic, healthy magnetic jewelry in town. 

What is Magnetic Jewelry?

Magnetic jewelry is made of magnetized metals that generate an electromagnetic field when they come in contact with the skin. This field produces a range of health benefits by stimulating blood flow, reducing inflammation and swelling, boosting energy levels, and aiding tissue healing.

At the same time, magnetic jewelry can also be stylish and fashionable. From bracelets to necklaces and rings, there are various designs available on the market suitable for all tastes.

Here are some magnetic jewelry options that can help you stay fashionable while keeping your mind and body healthy:

  1. Magnetic Bracelets

Magnetic bracelets have become one of the most popular styles of magnetic jewelry around due to their versatility across different outfits. They vary in design, ranging from simple copper or stainless steel chains to elegant crystal-encrusted pieces suitable for formal events.

These bracelets offer numerous health benefits, such as alleviating arthritis pain, reducing inflammation, and improving blood circulation. The magnets stimulate cells, leading to an increase in oxygen flow throughout our body’s tissues, resulting in quicker healing times.

  1. Magnetic Rings

Magnetic rings add another dimension of vibrance & wellness benefit when it comes to accessorizing with functional accessories. From plain bands to elegant gemstone styles or intricately designed pieces – these rings come with different properties such as anxiety reduction & increasing focus/ memory retention (Rhinestone Black Sighted Stone Simple Style Ring).

Beyond helping improve brain function, these powerful force magnets designers include in their creations elements that act naturally against bloating, fatigue & insomnia.  

  1. Magnetized Necklaces 

Necklaces are an excellent addition when it comes to elevating any outfit. From classic gold or silver chains to bold and daring statement pieces – there is a magnetized necklace available that will match your personal taste. 

Some popular magnetic necklaces are designed using hematite beads with sterling silver beads, providing therapeutic effects such as pain reduction and relaxation.

  1. Magnetic Ankle Bands

Ankle bands have come in handy for years when it comes to physical activities like running or cycling. With the incorporation of magnets, these types of bracelets have been redesigned with health benefits in mind, including increased blood flow circulation, leading to comfort and ease of muscle movement.

Magnetic ankle bracelets can help stimulate your nerves, promoting better balance, especially during overly intense workouts, offering mild support towards foot fatigue over long-distance runs/hikes.

  1. Magnetic Shoe Inserts 

If you’re on the go planning for an active lifestyle- shoe inserts should not be overlooked. Since magnetic energy helps alleviate aches & soreness from our daily hustle movements; walking/running/dancing- there’s the potential advantage of mitigating knee/joint pains due to excess activity. 

In conclusion, staying fashionable does not mean sacrificing your health. Magnetic jewelry can provide both style and numerous wellness advantages at once. Magnetic bracelets improve blood flow throughout tissues, facilitating healing times (Platelet Rich Plasma). Magnetized necklaces encourage the body’s natural healing process & add therapeutic benefits, too! As shown above, you can elevate your health-wellness combination by also incorporating rings, ankle bands infused with powerful force magnets, or full-length magnetic shoe inserts when on the move. 

Choose between different designs, stones & color combos, adding unique statements requiring minimal effort while bringing out exceptional appeal (healing begins one accessory at a time!).

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Emilio Estefan & Consuelo Vanderbilt Latin Ignition



Consuelo Vanderbilt and legendary Latin music producer Emilio Estefan joined forces to highlight Latino designers from around the world.

Vanderbilt, is an entrepreneur and a society fixture. Vanderbilt’s company produced “Ignite the Runway,” which featured designers like Victor De Souza, Argenis, and Manuel Tiscareño.

Consuelo Vanderbilt

This year’s event, dubbed “Latin Ignition,” focused squarely on giving Latin designers a platform.

The evening started with cocktails, then the fashion show, with Alvin Valley, Laura Garcia, Nabys Vielman, and Cesar Galindo.

Erika Katz, Emilio Estefan

Valley showed minidresses with feathers, laser-cut corset belts, and bikinis. One model had two little leashed dogs.

Vivace Maxvictor and Erika Katz

Garcia, exhibited striped sundresses and paisley frocks.

Venezuela native Vielman used pop art and prints.

Erika Katz

Galindo, showed silhouettes, bold sleeves, and elegant draping.

The party continued afterwards with music by Latin rock band Los Rabanes and DJ Hex Hector.

Consuelo Vanderbilt, Vivace Maxvictor

Vivace Maxvictor, Emilio Estefan

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