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New Year’s Resolutions You’ll Want to Keep – Part I 



You can stop feeling guilty about all those promising promises you made to yourself in the heat of New Year’s.   Here are a few you’ll really want to keep — 

1.  A trip to the li-brar-ry . . . 

We all remember Ilona’s good fortune at her local library in She Loves Me.  A library card is easy to obtain and can be a key to opportunities you’ve never imagined.  Of course one can borrow books, but also CDs and DVDs. But there are also computers one can use for free, film showings, lectures and exhibits. Or simply a comfy chair for you to rest in between engagements. In New York, there are so many branches, each distinct in character and offering equally unique experiences.   

The library for the Performing Arts at Lincoln Center is modern and the perfect place to do research on theatre or dance. A recent assignment on Cole Porter yielded much delight in the clipping files—pictures of his gorgeous Waldorf=Astoria home and even New Yorker cartoons that mention his songs.   Last month this library had a presentation on the music of lyricist Otto Harbach. His songs would be familiar to you—they are sentimental and charming. He was also a mentor to another great lyricist, Oscar Hammerstein. The Jefferson Market Library in Greenwich Village is housed in what was a courthouse, where Mae West was put on trial and where the decision was rendered on James Joyce’s Ulysses, declaring it not obscene.  It’s an architectural marvel, complete with stained glass windows.  

2. Get Away, Get Away. . .

Before winter’s inevitable doldrums take hold, start planning a mini-vacation that need  only last a day to be refreshing. Philadelphia can be reached in less than two hours, with theatre and music available for every taste. A trip to Bucks County is probably a weekend endeavor, with plenty to do like a visit to their renowned playhouse, and now the Hammerstein Museum on his former property, Highland Farms. A trip to Boston or Washington requires an overnight stay, but with so much to do there, it’s not a hardship. The Boston Pops are always on the top of my list, and the Kennedy Center in DC is always worth a visit. Ogunquit has an outstanding theatre that justifies a trip to Maine. The Porchlight Musical Theatre, considered by Sondheim to be the best of its kind in the United States, currently is saluting Cole Porter with shows, talks, and radio programs exploring every aspect of the man and his music.  In early spring, check out these places—many have not announced their spring/summer seasons yet in what used to be called the Straw Hat Circuit.  

3: Sail Away

Take Noël Coward’s advice and hop on a cruise—we are fortunate to have a few locations that host ships (Bayonne, Brooklyn and Manhattan). For family-oriented vacations, Norwegian is outstanding, while Cunard caters to a more sedate yet highly interesting and sophisticated clientele. For the highly adventuresome, check out the new Explora line, which in addition to a shining new ship offers destinations not usually found elsewhere, along with excursions designed for the explorer in you. 

4: Open a New Window

Untold marvels are available once you check out Untapped New York. Unusual tours of locations you may never have heard of, and alerts about pop-up art exhibits or a tour of Penn Station revealing the remnants of the original, are yours once you subscribe at or just get on their mailing list for alerts on their activities. And while you’re at it, sends out a weekly newsletter of lectures, readings and other activities designed to please your intellectual side.   

5: Everything Old is New Again

Just when it seemed like there were no surprises left, the Zinc Bar appeared, and within it marvels.  On West 3rd in the Village, it’s like a speakeasy in that it’s easily ignored unless you know about it. Its Art Deco interior is quietly impressive, as is its welcoming general demeanor and legendary history. Most impressive to me was the ragtime music presented by Terry Waldo and his band of four musicians who kept everyone’s toes tapping. With a hearty “OK, kids, let’s start” Terry began with the familiar, yet  never heard better Maple Leaf Rag by Scott Joplin.  Other offerings were Yellowdog Blues, Mood Indigo, Sheik of Araby and September Song. We all know ragtime, but it’s  rare to get an opportunity to hear it live. Every night they offer different music, so check out their website to find something to please Or if you want some great ragtime, check out for future gigs. 


Glen-Gery Launches First U.S. Exclusive Edition of Materiality at Dazzling New York Event



Glen-Gery is once again bringing beautiful artistic impressions to the world. On April 18, they hosted an exclusive launch event for the first U.S. edition of “Materiality.” Over 300 guests gathered at Brickworks Design Studio on 5th Avenue for a spectacular event that showcased lively discussions with experts during “Shapes to the X Degree.”

The discussion was moderated by Morris Adjmi of Morris Adjmi Architects and spotlighted panelists Stanley Saitowtiz of Stanley Saitowitz | Natoma Architects Inc; Gregory Hoss of David M. Schwarz Architects; Kent Suhrbier, FAIA, LEED AP of Bohlin Cywinski Jackson; Ben Widger, AIA of Kennedy Violich Architects; Arthur Chang of NADAAA Inc. and Diego Samuel of HDR.

“In an era where architectural trends and materials come and go, brick’s enduring beauty, versatility and resilience stand out as a cornerstone in shaping structures that transcend time and inspire generations,” says Tim Leese, director of marketing for Brickworks North America. “Within its pages, Materiality: Brick in contemporary university architecture vividly illustrates this belief, showcasing the most exceptional architectural projects and designs from universities across the U.S.”

Featured architects brilliantly discussed how unique architectural designs and details can be achieved using masonry. Each honored professional spent time passionately explaining projects around America that re-shaped the modern landscape. It was a fascinating presentation that the audience enjoyed from start to finish.

The “Materiality” discussion was followed by Glen-Gery announcing its first-ever architect collaboration program to educate and empower the current and future generations of architects and designers.

All event attendees, including architects, designers and students, were given a chance to receive a one-of-a-kind collaboration opportunity with Glen-Gery to become an honorary member of its R&D Team. Those chosen will have the chance to visit the company’s Mid-Atlantic factory in Pennsylvania where they will work with Glen-Gery to design a custom brick shape, which can then serve as the centerpiece for conceptual building project renderings or sketches, cementing the program’s transformative impact.

“In an era where architectural trends and materials come and go, brick’s enduring beauty, versatility and resilience stand out as a cornerstone in shaping structures that transcend time and inspire generations,” says Tim Leese, director of marketing for Brickworks North America. “Within its pages, Materiality: Brick in contemporary university architecture vividly illustrates this belief, showcasing the most exceptional architectural projects and designs from universities across the U.S.”

Outstanding building designs that were in the spotlight on the special night included:

  • Zeppos Residential College at Vanderbilt University: A monumental 260,000-square-foot residential building with a collegiate gothic-style structure. Through the use of limestone details, patterned brick and a warm palette of interior materials, the building scale is humanizing and creates a series of public and private spaces, bringing comfort and familiarity to residents.
  • The Iribe Center of Computer Science and Engineering at University of Maryland: Peeling back the layers of this building project, the two-part structure showcases the intricacies of the non-structural application of brick. Through the use of parametric modeling, an abstract pattern was translated into a system of brick that creates the illusion of movement along the interior walls.
  • The Institute for Data Science at University of Rochester: As the signature focus of the University’s strategic plan, the 61,000-square-foot research institute’s design treats each brick as a digital ‘pixel’ of information. Shadows from the projecting bricks activate the facades, creating dynamic, textural surfaces that communicate natural environment data across the days and seasons.

To request a complimentary hard copy of Materiality, visit

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Royal Caribbean Partners with Make-A-Wish



Life-changing memories are set to reach new heights for many kids around the world with critical illnesses. Royal Caribbean International and Make-A-Wish are coming together to support the nonprofit’s mission of creating life-changing wishes for children that inspire hope and strength among wish kids and their families. To kick off the partnership, starting today, vacationers can donate online and discover the variety of ways they can join Royal Caribbean in this commitment at

The world’s largest cruise line, with its Wishes at Sea program, aims to contribute to the nonprofit’s efforts with both fundraising and in-kind donations of Royal Caribbean’s most impactful asset – memorable family experiences. In addition to making donations online, adventurers will soon be able to also raise awareness and funds while making memories on their vacations across the cruise line’s ships and private destinations. The lineup of efforts will vary from Walk for Wishes 5Ks and walkathons to auctions for exclusive experiences and more.

“The memories we make with our families and friends on vacation are among the moments that are the most special and impactful, and for wish kids and their families, that very impact can change the course of their lives,” said Michael Bayley, president and CEO, Royal Caribbean International. “We are thrilled and humbled to partner with Make-A-Wish for years to come. In this partnership, we are in a position to do what we love – delivering memorable vacations – while making a difference in the lives of those at the heart of Royal Caribbean, families, that need it most.”

At the center of the life-changing memories to come are the wishes around the world that are granted by the cruise line. Every wish will come to life with a bigger, bolder Royal Caribbean getaway that is specially planned for wish kids and their families. The adventures in store will be packed with everything from the ultimate experience at the cruise line’s top-rated private destination, Perfect Day at CocoCay, that includes access to the most thrilling waterpark in the Caribbean and The Bahamas, a private cabana and a high-flying experience on the Up, Up & Away helium balloon. Plus, VIP treatment from start to finish, with exclusive experiences, complimentary Wi-Fi, private FlowRider sessions, and more.

“As we celebrate World Wish Month, we are grateful to partner with Royal Caribbean International and open a sea of new opportunities for us to fulfill our mission of granting life-changing wishes,” said Leslie Motter, president and CEO of Make-A-Wish America. “We know that a wish can chart a new course in these children’s lives, and we look forward to having the opportunity to work together to deliver that life-changing impact.”

More details about the partnership and updates will be revealed at a later date. To learn more about Wishes at Sea, vacationers can visit

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Easter Gifts: Just Bee’s Lilac Candle and A Toothbrush and Paste That Will Change Your Life



Going to brunch, lunch or dinner at someone’s house, for me alway entails bringing a gift. For Easter, I have the perfect suggestion. I just tried Just Bee’s Lilac Candle and am so impressed. This candle packs a scent that just by being open, sends that timeless fragrance wafting through my apartment bringing in that essence of springtime. Hints of rose, vanilla, honey and jasmine add to the aroma so that the room smells like a country garden. Made from natural soy wax, organic coconut oil and beeswax you get up to 20 hours of clean burning with 3.5oz ($15.98), 40 hours with 7oz($21.98) and 70 hours with the 13oz ($28.98).

They also have a Pomegranate and Lemon Rind and Ginger Pamplemousse, I can’t wait to try.

With all those Easter treats, the next item on my must have list is the tooth brush and tooth paste by Mouthwatchers. Created by Doctor Plotka, this manual toothbrush offers a breakthrough in oral care. First the bristles are silver infused, which naturally eliminate 99% of bacteria, viruses and fungi within 6 hours. The bristles are also dual-layered, which means they are 10x thinner than leading brands and as thin as a human hair at the tip. They reach places other brushes miss and deep into grooves where 95% of cavities form. The best part ($9.73) for two.

This company also makes the best tooth paste. Doctor Plotka’s 100% Naturally Sourced Whitening Toothpaste is an all-in-one flouride-free formula. The tooth paste, whitens with silica and hydroxyapatite which lowers the risk of erosion and restores your teeth to their natural whiteness. It uses organic propolis, a natural honeybee product known for its antimicrobial and antioxidant properties, reduces the risk of cavities, gum sensitivity and plaque build-up. With mineral-rich thermal spring Water, sourced from France, is known for its anti-inflammatory benefits which can soothe irritation. The organic mint gives your mouth and breath long-lasting freshness. Best yet, 100% of ingredients are sourced from natural origins. This tube is fully recyclable and made with 44% post-consumer recycled materials. I found this tooth paste the best I have ever used and am now hooked.


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ekuBOX Elevates the Gifting Experience



Finding the perfect gift sometimes can be complicated. You want to get all the details just right. With ekuBOX the guessing game of gifting is taken away and you are granted instead just an amazing and elevated way to show your love and appreciation for someone special in your life.

Each curated gift box in the collection is truly divine. When you open a box what you are doing is opening a world of sparkling magic. And the glitter is in all the details that make a grand difference that only comes with ekuBOX.

Each item in their boxes is intentionally sourced and hand-selected by their Chief Gift Guru. Every present is well-balanced and incredibly thoughtful. With a beautiful balance of luxury, function, and form each gift includes something to eat, something to keep, and something to use.

eku stands for EAT, KEEP, and USE which all comes in a delightful hand-curated box. And to add to this fantastic concept ekuBOX plants a tree for every box sold. There are just a million and one reasons to give a gift like this. From birthdays to Mother’s Day, this gift will give you as much joy as the bliss to the person you are sharing this kindness with from the heart.

Here are some incredible curated items in the line that will create the ultimate present for you to give.

La Vie en Rose Box ($69) – Send roses that never fade. This petite gift box has a Rose Otto Macaron Candle by Voluspa, Rose Acacia hand cream from France, handmade herb and floral garden soap, and Sugarfina Sparkling Rose Gummy Bears. Finished with beautiful dried rose petals.

Mini Spa, Relax ($95) – This gift box celebrates the little quiet moments we all need to survive and thrive with spa essentials. This beautiful box is finished with rose petals, a purple satin ribbon bow, and a petite lavender bouquet. ebuBOX includes a handwritten note, too!

Coastal Grandmother Gift Box ($278) – Inspired by the timeless coastal style featured in the film Something’s Gotta Give, this luxurious gift box is sure to delight anyone who loves the ocean and the beachy vibes it brings. Inside you’ll find a 100% Cashmere Poncho by Alashan Cashmere, a beautiful one-size piece that can be worn five different ways. You don’t have to be a grandmother to LOVE this fabulous piece.

Bubbles & Bliss Spa Gift Set ( $158)- A unique assortment of pampering goodies, including a mimosa kit with the Corkcicle thermal flute to keep drinks chilled for hours, a Voluspa candle, and more luxurious goodies, such as the Patchology Detox Mud Masque, French Girl Lip Scrub, and Infinite She Lip Balm.

Let Your Garden Grow ($175/$255) – A best-seller! The perfect gift for someone who loves to roll up their sleeves and play in the dirt. Full of accessories that assist in growing the ideal herb garden or microgreens, whether the garden is outside or on a window sill. Includes Bella Cucina’s artichoke Lemon Pesto sauce – one of Oprah’s “Favorite Things.” Small and large versions are available.

The Breakfast Club ($225) – A decadent treat for any food lover, including cinnamon-infused whipped honey from Appalachia, barrel-aged organic cinnamon vanilla-infused maple syrup from Vermont, balanced fruity coffee beans from Peru, a professional restaurant-style French wire whisk, a great organic hand-woven kitchen towel, and a lovely Sunday Morning candle.

Relax and Unwind Small and Large ($148/$325) – Know someone who deserves a little R+R (namely mom)? It’s time to draw a bath, pour a glass of wine, and turn up the tunes. These thoughtfully curated spa gift boxes with ultra-clean, organic, and natural beauty products leave moms sparkling inside and out. The large version is a perfect choice when you want to make a statement!

For more information, visit Also, be sure to check out Instagram at @eku_box.


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Lincoln Elevates National Fragrance Day



Lincoln is introducing its full in-cabin Digital Scent collection, now offering a total of seven specially curated fragrances.

“We are bringing Digital Scent to the all-new 2024 Lincoln Nautilus, allowing our clients to immerse themselves in revitalizing moments during their drive,” said Teresa Cheung, manager of Client Experience. “Personalization is important to our clients, and we have allowed them to select their preferred scent to customize their very own in-vehicle sanctuary.

For the all-new Nautilus vehicles equipped with Lincoln Digital Scent feature, clients will receive a collection of three in-cabin scents, each with a blend of scents that create a specially curated experience:

  • Mystic Forest: an earthy blend cedarwood, rich notes of patchouli, amber and yuzu citrus
  • Ozonic Azure: a crisp fusion of aromatic patchouli and traces of freesia and spice
  • Violet Cashmere: a harmonization of rich violet, grapefruit, and golden citrus

Four new available scents now added to the collection include:

· Cloud Balsam: an invigorating blend of lush pine needles, oak moss, crushed tonka and vanilla beans

· Serene Seashore: hints of juicy melon, fragrant lily, musk and bright lemon combine in this radiant mixture

· Twilight Embers: An enchanting suite of patchouli, floral jasmine, fresh apple, and deep leather undertones

· Sunlight Retreat: Sandalwood and rose highlight this union and are accented by crisp red fruit and balsamic notes

As the focus on overall personal wellness grows, Lincoln continues to explore new ways to bring in signature features to its vehicles. Lincoln engineers and designers have studied how the senses can impact mood, as well as physical and mental well-being, and how that translates into a relaxing experience for the client. The sense of smell is of special interest, as scents and the power of aromatherapy can affect overall mood.

“Scent is one of the five senses that has one of the strongest connections to not only memory, but emotion and can play a significant role in creating an experience for our clients on the road,” said Flore Tramblin, visualization designer for Lincoln.

Fragrances were specially curated by perfumiers for the brand in collaboration with Lincoln designers. Lincoln specifically chose to work with fragrance suppliers that use International Fragrance Association (IFRA)-certified fragrances.

The name Digital Scent is fitting as each scent cartridge features a microchip and is controlled through the vehicle’s center stack touchscreen. The scenting experience also works in collaboration with the new Lincoln Digital Experience, which is easily customizable to let clients extend their digital lives into the vehicle through their favorite apps and services.

Lincoln Digital Scent cartridges are available for purchase on the accessories page of, through Lincoln Access Rewards, and utilizing the in-vehicle QR code in the all-new Nautilus.

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