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Nightly Steps to Taking Care of Your Face

Nightly Steps to Taking Care of Your Face

Going to sleep without cleaning your face or washing off makeup allows for all bacteria, dirt and micro-pollutants from the day to accumulate on your skin. This can result in clogged poresand pimples. But do you know those elements also cause your skin to age faster over time? That’s why it is essential to spend a few minutes and take care of your face everynight.

In addition to washing away the buildup and preventing potential pimples, a nightly skincare routine also helps repairdamage toyour skin. Nighttime is the period when your skin repairs and heals. So you need to take a few steps to nourish your face with special treatments.

With that in mind, here are a few essential steps that you need to take each night to keep up your skin care routine. It might take a bit of time and effort, but we promise it will definitely be worth it.

  1. Start with Cleansing Your Face

Most women don’t wash their face properly.  It is advisable to use a cleansing brushand a gentle cleanser in slightly warm water to remove oil and dirt from your skin. However, avoid overdoing and stop or minimize usage if you see any changes in the skin.

  1. Exfoliate Thoroughly

Even though exfoliation might work well on your face, you should only take this step twice aweek to avoid damaging the skin. Exfoliating will help you remove all dead cells on the surface and allow a clear path for active ingredients like moisturizer and serum to reach your skin. Make sure to scrubthe pores around your cheeks and blackheads on the nose.

  1. Apply a Face Mask and Neck Lotion

There are a variety of face masks available which address different needs, from smoothing your fine lines to cleansing clogged pores. Though these products aren’t really necessary as long as you follow a consistent skincare routine,theycan open the pores and penetrate into your skin to bring a calming feeling at night.

And do not forget to take care of your neck with this neck firming lotion from Sente Labs. It comes with an advanced treatment that combines key ingredients and patented HAS technology to improve the appearance of texture and tonetothe delicate skin around your neck.

  1. Use Topical Retinoid

The next step is to pat your face dry and apply a small amount of topical retinoid. Make sure to avoid the areas around your eyes, mouth’s corners, and creases of your noses. This step will even out clogged pores, reduce skin tone, and enhance anti-aging, collagen-building effects.

  1. Put on Moisturizer

Since retinoiddries out the skin, you should always follow by applying a thick layer of moisturizer on your neck and face. Though nighttime moisturizersaren’t consistent and look or feel aesthetically pleasing like the daytime products, it can make your skin supple and soft.

When purchasing a facial moisturizer for your evening routine, keep in mind to read the ingredient list carefully and look for peptides, antioxidants, vitamin A and vitamin C.

  1. Gently Apply Eye Cream

The skin area around your eyes is relatively delicate, and it will agequickly if you do not take care of it on a regular basis. The simplest way to maintain a youthful look is to incorporate eye cream into your nighttime skincare routine.

Most eye cream products are produced from skin-friendly ingredients to help hydrate and protect your delicate skin. For example, niacinamide can increase the levels of moisture to fight off wrinkles and prevent your skin from drying, while caffeine reduces puffiness. That’s why it is worth adding eye cream into your regimen by gently applying it around your eyes.

  1. Do not Forget Lip Care

After a long day at work, you might come home with slightly chapped, cracked, or dry lips. To help soothe and heal them, you need to wash your lips with slightly warm water. After that, dry them with a soft cloth to remove any dead or dry cells. Before going to bed, add a layer of lip balm to nourish and soften your lips whileyousleep.

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