November Astrology Be Like a Phoenix

November Astrology Be Like a Phoenix

New moons are about starting something fresh, but with Scorpio’s energy, it’s more about clearing the way. The Beaver Full Moon on the 23rd brings planetary re-energizing. Scorpio helps us see beneath the surface and see past the veil of illusion. Time to transform and take our power back.

Scorpio: A change is happening around the 2nd or 3rd with Mercury asking you to watch what you say, especially in the romance department as Venus is still in retrograde. On the 5th, the Moon will have you making wrong decisions and life will feel topsy turvy. On the 11th, Jupiter, moves and causes further chaos, which means breathe and avoid temptations. There are some breaks, such as the new moon on November 7 in Scorpio, which brings gifts. Do not change your looks this month. Don’t buy electronics or sign papers either. Wait until after December 8th. Jupiter, the planet of good fortune is in your second house of earned income, until December 2, 2019. That means money, business and funds will help you enjoy life. November 25-26 (bridging two days) are a prelude of what’s to come financially.

Sagittarius: Financially the past few years for you have been bitter. This continues, but Jupiter on November 8, is here to grant you wishes. This is a powerful time for you in meeting influential people as well as a possible soulmate. Travel and career opportunities help sooth the rough patches you have gone through. Think of these past few years and actually up until 2020 as planting the seeds that will bloom and yield more than you can ever imagine. After the new moon on November 7th attend to all health problems. You will be lead to the right doctors and treatments. The full moon of November 22 will bring out feelings of commitment but wait until after December 8th. This holiday season may see you loved up.

Capricorn: Has life seemed in limbo for you? Have you been unable to move forward? Well now is not the time to make any important decisions. Why not reflect on what needs to change. Think of this as a time to sow the seeds of what you want, in your dreams. Consider this time as a “If I build it they will come” time. Think of making a vision board. After December 6th, you can put some of those dreams into action. Starting with the new moon on the 7th think of socializing, getting together with friends. This holiday season brings you the gift of communication and meeting the right people. Now is also the time to get medical advice, especially if there is some kind of addiction. If you need to start an exercise routine this is also a good time. November 25th is a lucky day, so try playing the lottery and maybe Christmas will be all paid up.

Aquarius: If you are looking for a job, now is the time. Need a raise? Now is the time to ask. The new moon 7th sees a career boast.  This is your time to shine. November 16th will be a turning-point day as Mars leaves your sign and when it does you will see the cash flying out of your pockets. After the 8th Jupiter, is in your eleventh house, which means whether you feel like to or not, time to socialize and get those contacts that will be waiting to meet you. Also there is luck in media and legal issues. I know Thanksgiving is a time for travel, but be careful that week. Also put off financial negotiations, decisions and spending money until After December 6th. Expect a lovely Thanksgiving as friends and family draw near.

Pisces: Your love of travel will see some wonderful adventures. If you were planning to see a foreign land, now is the time. You will meet someone who will be a huge part of your life and help you in some way. This month will also inspire you to be creative and expand your horizons. If you are dealing with legal issues the result will be positive. All that secrecy that you have been dealing with is almost done. On November 15, Mars enters Pisces for the first time in two years, and life could not be any better for you. Also love seems to be in the charts for you. Even your career picks up and it will be the best year since you can remember. Think of it as a reward for work well done. This month starts it off with a major career breakthrough around the 24th.

Aries: Long-distance travel and the funding for it might unexpectedly fall into your lap due to family or business. Higher learning, the arts, media, writing are also highlighted. Now is the time to fund your dreams and or see them become a reality. Loans, money from other sources and gifts, will come to you if you just ask. Be careful around Thanksgiving because conflict is in the air. If you do not get along well with your family, maybe it would best to spend it with friends, because a serious argument may arise. This is also a month to examine relationships and either resolve the conflicts or say good-bye. If you do, you open the door for the better.

Taurus: Money and love have not been very kind to you, but after December 6th a contract or job offer seems like the light at the end of the tunnel and it will bring things into place after the new year. Same with love. Do not sign any contracts or make any agreements until this time! Your sign has money coming to you and between the 25th – 26th playing the lottery is a good bet. Bide your time this month. It won’t be that hard as you have work that will keep you occupied. A new found partner will enchants you, bt take it slow and they just might be the one.

Gemini: This is one busy month for you, as you are in demand at work, home and socially. Those projects that you have been working on are about to see the light of day. Expect kudos from many different areas. Now is also the time to keep your health in check. Been to a gym lately? Been slacking on your diet? Now is the time to get back on track. Venus may be in retrograde but suddenly a person who has been in front of you may just sweep you off your feet. Jupiter may see you timing the knot or at the very least moving in with that special someone in 2019. No-one could be more surprised than you. Partnership energy is at an all-time high, and a matter that is dear to you will happen.  Someone from your past re-enters, but this might not be for the best so really test the waters.  The 25th and  and 26th, bring you advantages, but wait to sign anything until after December 6th.

Cancer:  Love is waiting for you after the 7th. The new moon is on your side but you must do your part and circulate. Creative endeavors get high praise, which will have you beaming as all your hard work and talent pay off. If you run your own business and want others to join in, now is the time to hire and look for extra help. If you are looking for work, seek and ye shall find. You might need a medical procedure or surgery but make sure you get a second opinion. Also now is the time to take charge of your health with exercise, diet and will power. Now is not the time to move, sign a lease or a contract. Don’t worry after December those pesky delays will vanish into thin air.

Leo: Hello my darling kitties, cuddling, romance and yes love is in the air. This should have you purring in delight, for you really do like to be mated. If you aren’t already smitten, be picky for that once in a lifetime love is nearby. If you have been waiting for somebody that wait is over. Just make sure they are the same person they were before they left. You are also filled with creativity so bring those projects to light, that you hid in a corner. Holiday’s will be filled with family, friends and love. Do not travel towards the end of the month, especially if it is for your job, as things will not go well. If you have to go do it around the 26th when the planets are on your side.

Virgo: You are re-thinking your life and especially your home. If it needs to be decluttered, now is the time to get that pesky task done. If you are thinking of moving, think brighter with a view and it will appear. Do not however sign anything until after December 6th. Your relationship with your parents will be supportive, If you need their help they will happily give it to you! If your parent is ill, they will see a marked improvement. This is a month of family healing for you. Thanksgiving will truly be a day of thanks. The 25th and 26th see family harmony and peace. If moving these are the perfect days to find that perfect space. Also keep an eye on your expenses until after December 6th.

Libra: If someone owes your money or your need to ask for money now is the time to do it. Until the 17th you should be able to raise your prices, get a raise or apply for a loan and get it without a problem. If you work in the arts a new job, it seems your dream job is on its way. After the 16th there maybe some setbacks, but don’t stress out as it is only  temporary condition. Do not sign papers until after December 16th. The good news is your power of communication is at an all time high. If you are in media or have written a book, have a podcast or anything to do with social media your dreams just might turn into a reality.

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