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NYC Marathon Training Tips

NYC Marathon Training Tips

First Sunday of November is the day of the largest marathon in the world, which sees over fifty thousand runners descending on the streets of NYC. The marathon has become a cultural phenomenon over the years attracting millions of visitors each year to the area. 

If you’re a first time runner, the marathon might seem like a monumental task for you. So, this is why we’re going to help you through the stages so, that you can be in tip-top shape before running. 


1.  Are your muscles ready?

Go through a set of cardio exercises and find the groups of muscles that get tired easily? Are your thigh muscles paining? One of the ways to find out your body’s limits is through small but, quick sets of exercises. Once, you know, you can stretch and prepare your body for the next set of hurdles. 

2. Stretch

Stretch before and after exercises so, that your muscles can suit themselves to your new workout regime. And to prevent, manage, or treat injuries from frequent training (or after the marathon itself), consider booking an appointment with a Midtown NYC chiropractor to ensure a full recovery.


3. Running exercises

One of our personal favorites is to do a warm-up trial through stationery running. Hold your fists up to your waist level, and start bringing your feet up towards the fists in quick succession. Do this for 5 or 10-minute sets. 

4. Strength exercises

Remember to do some strength training to build up your core. You’re not going to be building a body-builder body, so, focus on abdomen muscles, back muscles and the legs, your cores should be prepared to handle exertion. 

Also, I know the plank exercise has been recommended hundreds of times, but, among the free hand exercises, it is one of the best exercises to build a strong core. 

5. Breathing exercises

Sit yourself down, and calmly breathe through your nose and exhale through your mouth. As a rule of thumb, whenever you run, you should never inhale with your mouth. Remember, to practice breathing throughout the days leading to the marathon so that you’re prepared.

6. Trial runs

Take some time out to go through running reps. Find a park and alternate between jogging and running so, that you can build up endurance. A professional recommendation is to alternate between 1 minute of running and 30 seconds of jogging. You might finetune the exercise according to your requirements. 


7. Take care of yourself

An ART session can help if your body is showing great signs of fatigue even after regular training sessions. They will identify problematic scar tissue areas where recovery is difficult and help you regenerate the muscles so, that they grow stronger. 

Remember to see the doctor in case of any problems and injuries. Your health comes first. 

8. Routines

Routines are essential for any person, especially when you’re preparing for a large exercise. Take some time and get your time in order. Your food should come at proper times, and you should be drinking enough water. Try to get enough sleep so, that your body can adjust to the exercise. 

9. Food

A protein rich-diet is always preferable when planning to run a marathon. Every muscle you’ll be breaking down in the run-up to your preparation, and the protein helps in rebuilding them. Remember to take ample collagen, and also keep your energy levels in check through regular consumption of carbohydrates. 


10. Run

On race day, remember to start with your breathing exercises and stretches before you start running. Hydrate at intervals which feel the most comfortable, and pace out your running activities so, that you can reach the finish line. Don’t follow up with a big lunch, eat light, and celebrate a day later. 

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