October Astrology Has Venus Causing Havoc

October Astrology Has Venus Causing Havoc

October offers a fresh perspective. Venus the planet of love and relationships turns retrograde on October 5th. A Venus retrograde is rare and what it does is shines a light on our current and past relationships and helps us deal with any pains surrounding the heart. It’s time to welcome a new understanding of love. This particular retrograde is asking us to find joy, through connections. On October 8th a New Moon in the sign of Libra will help you to open up. Look for all kinds of opportunities where door and avenues have been shut. A Full Moon on the 24th in the sign of Taurus again is about building on relationships and letting the ones you need to let go slip into the past.

Libra: Happy Birthday! October gives you a chance to reflect on the past months and make your next move. The new moon, October 8th, will find you joining forces with another person in business or in love. This new moon will be kind as it is nestling sweetly with Mars, your ruling planet. Now is not the time to change your looks, or ask for difficult things in a relationship. It is a time to iron out any kinks you have and open the doors for better communication. Be careful with finances, near the 24th. Try t keep expenses in tow.  Also be on your best behavior around this time as this moon is unstable. The 29th finds some dreams or wishes granted. Try playing the lottery on this day and you just might find yourself a little bit richer.

Scorpio: On the 8th the new moon in your twelfth house, may see a secret coming to light. This is a good thing, so don’t let it throw you. On the 10th, be careful with your words. This is the time to improve your home, so finish those ideas that kept being way laid. Venus is retrograde in Scorpio from the 5th until November 16th. What this means for you is you will feel like your energy is being taken away. For every step forward, it will feel as if you have been pushed two steps backwards. If you slow your pace down and just breathe it will get better. On the 24th relationships will be volatile thanks to the full moon. Just try and stay silent. The good news is the 29th is an amazing planetary day, so use that to propel your dreams forward.

Sagittarius: Friends and social connections are your life line this month. Add to your circle and you will find luck. Venus rules your eleventh house, which means long lost friends may resurface. How you connect and deal with friends is how you will grow and where the lessons of life lie. Now is also the time to make money and learn the use of it. This will be tricky as you need to balance spending with earning. You might find yourself traveling more than usual this month. Now is the time to take day trips for pleasure. If you write or have dreamed of writing now is the time to unleash that creative muse. The full moon on the 24th will affect your work, again friends and colleagues are the answer to success. The 29th is a lucky day for all signs but for you if you need to sign anything this is the day to do it. Where you will find problems is with things or people that are from other country’s. If you keep your cool and keep on top of things it should be fine.

Capricorn: Your career is highlighted this month. Promotions, raises and advancement are what is at play here. You need to be on your toes, dress to impress, watch your P’s and Q’s and your attitude. You can beat this planetary setback if you do this. Is somebody jealous of you? Are you looking for a certain amount? Expectations could be off. For you the Sun is being challenged by Pluto, Venus is in retrograde from the 5th to November 16th in your house of career honors, awards, and achievements. If a past job offers you a chance to come back, do it, as in the long run it will help you overcome past hurts. On the 24th love may come with a surprise. If a large expense comes up this month don’t be surprised and don’t put it off as it could get even more expensive. The 29th brings success with career, travel and communication.

Aquarius: Long distance travel, legal matters, publishing or broadcasting are highlighted. There will be delays thanks to Venus in retrograde from the 5th to November 16. However Mars, has your back after the 8th. Someone who is in the same business will show their jealous streak and will be ruthless. You may not even know who this person is. A powerful person behind the scenes will be demanding. Again you may not know who this person really is. Go to the top to solve this problem. Jupiter, the planet of good fortune, Venus and Neptune will all be on your side. On the 24th your home or real estate comes into play. No filing anything legal until after December 18th. This is not the time to  make radical changes to your looks. Next month your career is highlighted. You already have the Sun, Mercury, Venus, and Jupiter in your house of honors, awards, and achievements, and when the new moon in Scorpio, arrives November 7th they are waiting to help you to the next level.

Pisces:  After the new moon on the 8th money is highlighted, but other people’s money. Money may be coming to you from an unexpected source, a loan, tax refund, or someone owes you. If you haven’t filed 2017’s taxes now is the time to do it. Your financial picture is bright. It might take until November, but money is coming. Jupiter is entering your tenth house of honors, awards, and achievements next month for 13-months. All that hard work is about to pay off in a big way! Don’t travel on the 10th and get your car checked out. After the 24th travel is highlighted. Be careful of your health this month and in your career keep watch, especially if it has to do with the media. Wait until the 29th to sign any paperwork or contacts and if you can do it this day…success. if you are looking for love wait until December 6 to January 6, as that is when you have a stellar chance at finding the real thing.

Aries: October is a reflective month for you. The new moon, on the 8th, hast you thinking about partnership either in business or in love. This new moon will be kind to you, and with Neptune on your side this month should be stress free. Venus, is in retrograde from the 5th to November 16th, which really does not affect you that much. Just don’t get married or sign a contract until after December 6th. Now is not the time to change your looks or make any drastic changes. Be  careful with finances, until the 24th as this is an unstable time. Just be conservative and all will be well. On or near the 24th everyone will be a bit touchy, just stay on the low and out of the way for those couple of days. On the 29th anything you have been dreaming of and your finances should be doing well. This is such an incredibly lucky day for all signs.

Taurus: New work should be steady after the new moon, on the 8th. Collaboration, is the key here. If you are starting a partnership or a new job make sure a lawyer is involved. This is a great time if you are involved in the creative arts, writing, film or production. From the 5th to November 16th, sit may seem a little bit slow or that things aren’t clicking into place. Just be patient, double check your work and make sure you haven’t skipped anything. Don’t start any new ventures until the 29th. However it is the perfect time to go back to old clients and refresh those relationships. The 24th is a day to lay low as it is extremely challenging. Do not say anything rash, as you will live to regret it. Wait until the 27th when the air has cleared. If not you could lose a valued friend or partner. The 29th however is considered one of the luckiest days of the year. What have you been wishing for? It just might come true.

Gemini: Trust has been an issue for you and right now the best thing you can do this month is rest, breathe and contemplate. The new moon on the 8th is asking you to release that inner child and let them come out to play. Now is the time to daydream and create your next path. The 10th will be a really hard day for you. Unexpected news may throw you off kilter. You will be able to feel the tension in the air. Seriously, stay quite, lay low and wait for about 3 days before and 3 days after to confront or say anything rash. And NO signing anything. There will be a lot of delays this month, but that is because of the  retrograde. There is nothing you can do to stop this. The 24th is also a rather bad time and for you it is in the sector of privacy. It is possible that a truth will shock you and get you upset. Just remember it is always darkest before the light.  Also remember what I told you earlier rest and breath. You may feel sparks with someone, now is not the time to start a new romance. On the 29th expect good news, success, if you need to sell anything or travel now is the time.

Cancer:  Right around the 8th whatever you have been contemplating about your living situation will resolve in a wonderful way. However it may take until   April 19th to get the final results. Money will be tight in October due to over spending. Also if someone owes you money it will most likely be late or not come at all. If you have parents who need care or are ill, you may see your money headed in that direction. The 24th has some news that will effect you in a rather personal and emotional way. Because Cancer rules the moon, this will touch you at the core of your being. All I can tell you to do is plant your feet firmly on the ground. A female friend may be the cause of this hurt and this will be completely out of character. Both Venus and the moon are in your friend and home sector. You are going to feel frustrated but Saturn will try and help sooth things over. On the 29th the storm clouds will have cleared and the sun will shine radiantly. Love, career, travel and documents are all highlighted. Looking to have a child? Now is the time.

Leo: Home has had you tied down, but take a day trip to see the leaves turn and breath in that crisp air will do winders for you. On the 10th you will be on edge. If you can spend this day alone. DO NOT SIGN a thing. From the 5th to November 16, travel is not recommended. If you have to for work try not to negotiate anything. Do not change your look and conserve on all your financial dealings. Change is happening, but for your sign the 24th is not as deadly. Just make sure your work ethics are up to code and you are not negotiating a big deal you’v been working on. ave any meetings or signing of contracts to the 29th. If you are working in the creative sector a big payout could be coming your way. The 29th for you highlights home-related items, buying, selling and  real estate. Kitties, you really do ave it easy this month.

Virgo: Money is on your mind and will be so even more after the 10th. An unexpected expense, a career setback, but do not worry as new sources of income are on their way. Your career is actually abundantly through mid-November, though cash flow and delays are a given this month. If you can avoid One day to avoid is October 10th. This has Mercury and Uranus at odds however your creative juices will be flowing. NO signing papers and if something toys to rattle you blink, breathe and realize that it can be solved. If you are traveling on or near the 24th, make sure all your plans have been triple checked and I do mean every aspect. Anything to do with money expect to be delayed this month. No drastic changes too your appearance. Keep expense to a minimum. If you need money play the lottery, go for a loan, ask friends on the 29th and you are sure to be pleased with the results.


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