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Ohlala Luscious Love Circus

Ohlala Luscious Love Circus

Ohlala- The Circus of Love

Want a great night out near Zurich, Switzerland? “Ohlala- The Circus of Love, the Third Act”, (“Der Liebescircus, Der Dritte Akt”), will take you on a seductive journey like no other. Forget what you know about clowns, magicians, musicians and circuses in general, this sensual show has left the idea of live animal acts behind and instead seduces audiences with erotic costumes, sexy comedy and awe-inspiring acts mixed with a little burlesque.

Ohlala- The Circus of Love

“Ohlala” is the brilliant creation of elegant Father and son Rolf and Gregory Knie, who are Switzerland‘s best known and most creative circus producers. They are part of the Knie circus dynasty that runs the internationally renowned Swiss National Circus. Located at the Air Force Center in Dübendorf, Zurich, (where the likes of Madonna and the Rolling Stones have performed), the Love Circus’ sexy experience begins as guests enter the big top tent by passing through the slightly spread legs of a woman whose head demurely looks down, allowing her long, straight hair to cover her most intimate parts. Scantily clad ladies and a red interior greet you once inside this virtual playground of hotness. Vendors sell lacy lingerie and naughty sex accouterments next to secluded red, black and white VIP lounges, fabulously blinged out in fringe, crystals and velvet furniture.

Ohlala- The Circus of Love

After acquiring a champagne or cocktail from one of the corseted, voluptuous bartenders, guests are free to explore the Garden of Eden where a giant snake writhes above their heads. Gilded cages with naughty dancing couples pepper the big top tent, whose décor involves lacy bras and panties cleverly hung over lights and chandeliers. Guests should not miss the opportunity to experience the “Wings of Joy” private grotto where a large adult toy awaits clothed exploration. (Undies, red velvet and toys- oh my!)

The show itself is a masterpiece, grabbing viewers by their libidos and guiding them through topless hilarity, (so very European), and tight choreography by Benjamin Lee Weeratunge. Hostess, singer and comedienne Amy G., (Amy Gordon), is from New York and uses her hotness to delight with an amazingly dexterous roller skating routine that is skillful and sexy at the same time. Chris Lynam who has been named of “The King of Clowns” has you rolling with laughter and disbelief as he continually pushes the envelope in Ohlala. Magic takes place when he deftly opposes master comedian and mime Angel Amieva. Not to be outdone, Naomi Parshin and Stephanie Chisholm, (two vixens from Miami, Florida), seductively kiss, bump and awe on one aerial hoop- too hot!

What Love Circus would be complete without black lit, topless women in glowing G- strings and heels? A few tubes of neon body paint transform these goddesses into sexy canvases for their painting partners to explore. And finally there are the young, hipster circus men with great hair and their poles! Remi Martin and Eike von Stuckebrok completely defy gravity as they stand sideways and climb two parallel beams without any seeming effort, thrilling audiences as they slide down and stop within an inch of the ground.

The live Ohlala band, many more creative acts and lots of fun interaction with the audience in both English and Swiss-German rounds out this erotic circus show. Guests are inexorably brought to their feet at the finale and leave the big top craving a post-coital cigarette while sighing Ohhhhhhlala!!!!

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Cindy Marinangel has a passion for live performance. She is from California, but is currently based in NYC. A Cum Laude graduate of Purdue University, Cindy has enjoyed reviewing shows both nationally and internationally for The Times Square Chronicles.

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