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On The Red Carpet With Anything Can Happen in the Theater: The Musical World of Maury Yeston

On The Red Carpet With Anything Can Happen in the Theater: The Musical World of Maury Yeston

Last night The York Theatre Company (James Morgan, Producing Artistic Director; Evans Haile, Executive Director), presented the Off-Broadway premiere production of the new musical revue Anything Can Happen in the Theater: The Musical World of Maury Yeston.

 Benjamin Eakeley, Justin Keyes, Greg Jarrett at piano, Alex Getlin, Mamie Parris, Jovan E’Sean 
Jovan E’Sean, Justin Keyes, Mamie Parris, Benjamin Eakeley, Alex Getlin, Greg Jarrett at piano
Greg Jarrett, Jovan E’Sean, Mamie Parris, Justin Keyes, Alex Getlin,Benjamin Eakeley
Greg Jarrett,
KT Sullivan
KT Sullivan
Mamie Parris 
Justin Keyes
Jovan E’Sean 
Jovan E’Sean, Justin Keyes
Gerard Alessandrini
Gerry McIntyre, Gerard Alessandrini, Greg Jarrett
Gerry McIntyre, Gerard Alessandrini, Maury Yeston, Greg Jarrett
Gerard Alessandrini, Maury Yeston, Jim Morgan
Maury Yeston, Stephen Flaherty
Maury Yeston, Stephen Flaherty, Gerard Alessandrini
 Jovan E’Sean, Benjamin Eakeley, Justin Keyes
Jovan E’Sean, Alex Getlin, Mamie Parris, Benjamin Eakeley, Justin Keyes 
Benjamin Eakeley 
Mamie Parris, Alex Getlin
Alex Getlin
 Evans Hailie, Alex Getlin
Claudia Zahn, Evans Hailie,
Joan Ross Sorkin, Jim Morgan
Chris Collins-Pisano
Ray DeMattis

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