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One More Alert to Obesity Dangers: Men Get More Health Risks Than Women

One More Alert to Obesity Dangers: Men Get More Health Risks Than Women

The epidemic of obesity is a fact. It’s also a fact that statistically, there are more overweight or obese men (NIDDK). Researchers recently determined that this problem is actually greater than it was believed to be. It turns out that men are more at risk of developing dangerous health conditions induced by obesity.

What Does the New Study on Obesity Say?

Research published in Frontiers in Immunology compared the health effects of diet-induced obesity on males and females. It was previously believed that estrogen in women offers them some measure of protection from obesity and its consequences. This mechanism still remains unclear. However, these scientists proved that being overweight has more negative health consequences for men.

The matter requires more in-depth studying. However, at the moment, researchers believe that the main cause of this difference is that men tend to accumulate fat differently. Unlike women, who store more of the excess fat around hips, buttocks, and thighs, men store more fat in the abdominal area.

This means that men have a much higher level of visceral fat. This is the type that’s linked to cardiovascular disease (Journal of the American College of Cardiology). However, an increased risk of heart problems isn’t the only health-damaging effect of obesity in men. Other common issues include:

  • Infertility
  • Low libido
  • Neuroinflammation
  • Increased level of inflammation

Considering the severity of possible consequences from these health risks, weight loss is essential for men

How to Minimize Health Damage from Obesity While Losing Weight

To protect one’s health and reduce disease risks during obesity treatment one should use remedies to fight individual symptoms. Those need to be complemented by effective and well-balanced weight loss practices.

The basic plan for fighting obesity and its negative consequences should look similar to this:

  1. Eating a healthy well-balanced diet.
    A healthy diet low in saturated fats and processed carbs is the essential element of weight loss success. It’s also a key factor in restoring and maintaining one’s general health. Restrictive fad diets should be avoided as they are risky in their own right. One should rely on the WHO healthy diet guidelineswhen developing their meal plan.
  2. Taking natural supplements to enhance the effects of a weight loss program.
    Natural supplements can help negate some dangerous side effects of obesity as well as boost the efficiency of fat burning. Men who struggle with erectile dysfunction should consider taking products for natural male enhancement. Those will improve blood flow and stimulate one’s libido without the risks of pharmaceutical drugs. One shouldn’t forget that leading an active sex life helps weight loss a great deal (Medical News Today). As to fat burning, one should discuss the necessity of such products with their doctor and nutritionist. Not all weight loss supplements are equal, so it’s essential to take one’s health and diet into account when choosing them.
  3. Exercising daily.
    Being physically active is one of the best health boosters in existence. Exercise does not only help burn calories. It also helps one strengthen muscles, bones, and heart. Regular workouts improve circulation, which benefits everything from skin complexion to digestive cognition and mental health. To achieve maximum health and anti-obesity benefits, one should focus on cardio and resistance training. Either combining both types of exercises in a workout or practicing them on alternating days will be effective for weight loss.

These three key elements are the ultimate weight loss formula. However, one shouldn’t forget that only consistency and persistence in these efforts can achieve good results. Obesity treatment is a long-term project that produces only gradual changes. One also has to stick to their new healthy routine of diet and exercise in order to prevent the weight gain relapse. Considering the health risks that obesity brings, for men in particular, that’s a small price to pay.


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