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Opening Night of Caesar & Cleopatra

Opening Night of Caesar & Cleopatra

Gingold Theatrical Group celebrated Opening Night for this rare revival of Shaw’s beloved almost historical comedy Caesar & Cleopatra at The Lion Theatre on Theatre Row (410 West 42nd Street, between 9th and 10th Avenues). This limited will continue through October 12th only.

Jeff Applegate, Dan Domingues, Teresa Avia Lim, Robert Cuccioli, Brenda Braxton, Rajesh Bose and Jonathan Hadley
Brenda Braxton
Teresa Avia Lim
Laila Robins, Robert Cuccioli
Laila Robins
Tom Viola, David Staller and Scott Barnes
Stephen Brown-Fried, Alyce Stark and David Staller
Teresa Avia Lim and David Staller
Michael McCorry Rose and Stephen Schwartz
Richard Weinberg and Diane Stillwell Weinberg
Malachy McCourt 
Diane McCourt, Malachy McCourt and David Staller
Jeff Applegate
Rajesh Bose
Dan Domingues
Roma Torre and David Staller
Stephen Prendergast, Stephen Brown-Fried, Blythe Beard-Kitowski and David Staller
Richard Weinberg, Ethan E. Litwin, Pamela Singleton, James A. Fenniman and Richard Terrano
Jonathan Hadley
Douglas Sills, Karen Ziemba and Tom Hewitt
Maryann Plunkett, Tyne Daly, David Staller, Tom Viola, Jay O. Sanders and Simon Jones
Michael McCorry Rose, David Staller and Stephen Schwartz

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