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Opportunities for Students in and Around Ely

Opportunities for Students in and Around Ely

Ely is a hotspot for education, with so many opportunities available for students. There are so many to choose from, so how do you know which are best for you? Here are the top four opportunities for students, so you can be sure to boost your CV and gain the experience you need to be the best.

Study a Postgraduate Degree

Getting an undergraduate degree down is a huge feat – and it gives you a whole new set of skills to help you navigate the world of work. So why not take that one step further, and study a postgraduate degree? This is possibly one of the best paths you can take in order to give yourself the best start in life. There are many roads you can go down, whether that’s going to university again or taking an online postgraduate course, which gives you the flexibility of working from home, meaning you have a much greater balance between work and home life. You could even choose to do an online degree alongside another thing on this list, and really make the most of your time!

“The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you will go.” – Dr Seuss

Studying a postgraduate degree means you can improve your knowledge of a particular field, giving you access to a variety of different options once you finish studying. Sometimes, you’ve got to keep studying to reach your true potential. Click here for a list of reasons as to why choosing to study a postgraduate is one of the best decisions you can make.

Take on a Job – Part-Time or Otherwise

Sometimes, one of the next steps you should take is to get some real-world experience. Depending on what you’re studying or have qualified in, you may want to get a job related to your degree. However, this isn’t necessary; often, many employers appreciate any sort of experience. 

Taking on a job can give you a variety of skills, all of which can bolster your CV, including:

  • Experience in your chosen field – this will either be necessary to get a job or greatly valued.
  • Confidence in working individually and being independent.
  • Developing good communication skills, both with the public and with a team.
  • Exercising and improving innovative problem-solving skills and imagination, to find creative ways to tackle issues.
  • Finding out whether something is really right for you or not – after all, there’s only one way to find out!

Gaining experience in Ely is also a great opportunity – there are plenty of choices, from local businesses that will teach the value of community, to bigger stores which improve your customer approach, you’ll be able to find something which can give you an idea of what working is like, and what really suits you best.

Try Out Some Volunteering

Volunteering is another opportunity that really shows off your dedication to a field, or even to making contributions to society. You’ll be able to show off your passion, your work ethic, and your compassion. In Ely, you’ll find plenty of opportunities, including:

  • Volunteer Tin Collector: Working with East Anglian Air Ambulance, you’ll be given a specific area in order to collect money tins and replace full ones with empty ones. This job helps make the fundraising effort much easier and smoother.
  • The K9 Community Café: There are plenty of volunteering roles up for grabs at the K9 community café, where dog owners, dog lovers, or people in the mood for a cup of tea gather in Ely Cathedral. Whether you’re looking to serve refreshments, help clean, work on promotional information, or talk with the friendly community, there’s plenty to do to help out.
  • The Cambridge National Trust Volunteers: This independent group organises plenty of outdoor activities for those who like to get their hands dirty. From gardening to tree-planting, hedge-laying to stewarding, there’s plenty for you to get involved in.

Volunteering shows off compassion and a desire to do good for others – something which employers will have a great deal of respect for. After all, you’re giving your own time for free! Opting to help local groups, like the ones above, also shows your loyalty and community spirit, which is easily passed on to a team spirit within a company – again, something which employers love!

Spend Time Focusing on You

After endless years in education, sometimes you need a break from it to discover who you really are before you get back into the swing of things. Taking a gap year can give you plenty of opportunities to boost your own personality and find out what it is you want to value most.

Taking up hobbies and rediscovering your passions outside of education is a great way to do this, and to show you’re human to employers. You might want to join a local group or class, such as:

  • Fully Here – Mindfulness Meditation
  • Philosophy in the Park
  • Brews and Brushstrokes

And many more! A quick google, or search on, will allow you to find a group dedicated to what you love, so you can rediscover your passions again. 

Taking time to explore and get to travel is also important. You may want to learn more about Ely and its history, or perhaps you want to go further afield, whether that’s across the UK or even abroad. Taking time to work out what you like, gain new experiences, and learn away from an educational setting is a great way to focus on you, and make sure you’re getting the most out of your life.These are our four favourite ideas for students looking for further opportunities to enhance their CV, or even just to experience more outside of what they know. Whether you’re working, volunteering, travelling, or studying a postgraduate alongside any one of these, you’re sure to find an option that suits you best and gives you the best start to kick off the rest of your life

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