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Organising a hen for someone who hates hen parties? Try these alternatives!

Organising a hen for someone who hates hen parties? Try these alternatives!

Hen parties have gotten to a whole new level in the last few years. Gone are the days where you just had one last night out with your girlfriends. Now it’s at least a weekend, probably in a different country and consists of several activities completed whilst wearing penis hats, glittery sashes and embarrassing pink t-shirts. 

But what do you do if the bride to be doesn’t want all of that girls gone wild stuff? What if she wants to celebrate with her nearest and dearest but doesn’t want to drink from a penis straw or watch an impossibly hairless man take his clothes off in her face? If this sounds like your friend, then here are a few hen party alternatives you can try!

Wine-tasting weekend

This is a great compromise for those who want to keep it classy and those who want a boozy weekend! And luckily, in Australia we have plenty of wonderful wine regions to choose from. If you do want to inject a little bit of the hen-party vibe into proceedings, you can hire a bus to take you from winery to winery and use the travel time as an opportunity to play hen-party games, play some of her favourite tunes or look over old photographs.

A destination surf camp

If your friend is the active type, why not try this girly holiday with a difference. There are companies out there who specialise in destination surf tours for women in several different countries. So whether you hop over to Byron Bay or travel a little further afield to Japan, Fiji or Bali, you can enjoy private villas, massages, yoga classes, excursions and tailored surf lessons to suit your needs. This is a great group bonding experience that allows a fabulous combination of luxury and adventure.

Workout class

Though for some, an exercise class sounds like the worst hen party of all time, for others it’s ideal. So if your bride to be loves all things health and fitness, why not hire a studio and get a sweat on together? You can personalise things by making sure the playlist is full of her favourite songs as well as songs that hold memories for you as friends. You can also decorate the room however you like and if you get a good instructor on board, you can even tailor the workout to suit your celebrations.

Personalised escape room

We’ve all heard of or been to an escape room where you have to solve a bunch of riddles and follow clues to get out of a locked room. But what if you could do an escape room that was also a trip down memory lane for the bride to be? This one could take a fair bit of organising, but if you pull it off, it will be a night to remember!

Boat weekend

We’re no strangers to boat parties here in Australia, so why not take things one step further and organise a whole weekend for your hen party on a boat? If you’re a relatively small group of ten to fifteen people, you may well fit on one boat but if you’re a larger group, why not hire a few boats for the weekend? 

This is another option that can be amped up or pulled back according to what you and your bride want. As you’ll be out on the water, you can pump up the music and dance the night away without worrying about neighbours. Or, if you’d prefer a more chilled out time, you can soak up the sun, enjoy some swimming and just relax. Whichever option you choose, just remember to pack plenty of food, booze and any consumables you might need before you leave as you won’t see any shops for a whole weekend!

Hen parties are a great way to spend quality time with your friends and to celebrate the bride to be. But if she’s not the crazy hen-party type, there are plenty of other ways you can give her a great send off. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box a little bit, embrace her hobbies & interests and get stuck in!


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