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Orthotic Insoles: Relief from Various Foot Problems

Orthotic Insoles: Relief from Various Foot Problems

Being the laying foundation for rest of the body, your feet must receive the support and relaxation just like any other body part. If you go through problems like low arches, high arches, neuromas, plantar fasciitis and other foot problems, then orthotic insoles appear to be a great choice for you. As a matter of fact, orthotic insoles are quite common for treating leg pain, hip pain, mysterious knee pain, and lower back pain.

Orthotic insoles provide great comfort to the feet during pain. Take a look at the reasons why orthotics is the best option for eliminating pain and living a healthy life:

Get Rid of Plantar Fasciitis

Plantar Fasciitis is one of the most terrible heel discomfortsand it happens because of the swelling of many thick fibrous tissues, which are disseminated over the whole lower parts of the feet. The application of orthotic insoles is highly useful in providing much relief to the feet, by providing equal distribution of the body pressure on the painful feet. The heel cups of the insoles offer security against all kind of shocks. Your feet have twenty-six bones and more than hundred muscles, making them one of the complex areas of your body. With orthotic insoles, your feet will get all your attention and bear your entire body weight.

Eliminate the Problems of Flat feet

Some people are born with flat feet, while some have exceptionally less arches or no arch at all in the lower portion of the feet. Such people sometimes go through the difficulties of being a flat foot and face extreme pain over the heels and different parts of the feet. Often this pain spread to the knees. However, this pain can be nullified owing to the daily use of the orthotic insoles. It provides fake arches to the flat soles.

Say Farewell to Achilles Tendonitis

Known to be one of the most painful ailments of the feet, Achilles Tendonitis is usually a common case among athletes or people who walk too much. The tendons linking the heels to the calf muscles get affected and it causes pain during the normal feet movement. This is where orthotic insoles come to the rescue and reduce the foot pain to a large extent. The orthotic insoles divide the pressure of the total body weight over the feet and provide support to the foot arches suffering from pain. Besides, they act as shock absorbers and resume normal feet movement again.

Enhanced Pronation

Pronation is when painful arches allow the ankle to plunge towards the body’s midline. This gives rise to much stress not only on the feet, but to the hips, knees and lower back as well. Pronation also makes you more subjected to knee injuries while engaging in sports. Orthotic insoles provide support to the arches and relieve other connected joints in your body.

The aforementioned points show how orthotic shoes offer the much needed support and comfort to the painful feet muscles. These insoles save your feet from fatigue and tensions of the tendon muscle and fibers.

Susan White is a guest blogger on our website. She has been informing her readers about various orthopedic shoes and insoles in her blogs. Susan is in her late forties and a fitness & health expert.

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