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Outdoor Electric Pressure Washers

Outdoor Electric Pressure Washers

Outdoor electric pressure washers do all your home cleaning duties, you can carry them anywhere you go and wash a wide variety of surfaces. The best outdoor electric pressure washers should have the power to clean any simple work you throw at it, some of the surfaces done by an average home electric pressure washers for patio, driveways, concrete surfaces, trucks, SUVs, personal cars, tiles, wooden surfaces, sidewalks, etc.

The outdoor electric pressure washers will save you the energy, water and hard labor. The electric pressure washers do the work more than five times faster than the garden hose and several times faster when doing it with bare hands. Investing in a good outdoor pressure washer gives value for money back, protecting all your surfaces.

Outdoor Pressure Washers

With a pressure greater than 1500PSI, petrol pressure washer should easily handle tasks like cleaning the driveways and sidewalks that are ridden with debris and in stripping paint from a house or a deck that has been repainted or resealed. The powerful steam thoroughly cleans the smudge, grease, oils, and other stubborn surfaces.

Here are the things to look for when choosing an ideal outdoor pressure washer: 

  • The kind of projects you intend to achieve with your electric pressure washer
  • The regularity of these projects
  • The pressure, 2000+ PSI is perfect
  • The wheels for movement
  • The length of the horse
  • The material durability
  • Ease of use
  • The cost

Most of the ordinary outdoor cleaning tasks can even be tackled by smaller models that have lower ratings for GPM and PSI.

Here are points to look for when you want to identify a suitable outdoor pressure washer:


A variety of pressure washers operate in a similar way. The most important component of an outdoor electric pressure washer is the pump. For a washer that intends to be used on a regular basis, look for a model that is heavy duty and one that has a triplex pump as this will give you a long duration of quality performance.

Cleaning Power

This is determined by the GPM and PSI Readings as one of these alone cannot determine the efficiency of the washer. Ensure that the pressure you obtain for your outdoor cleaning has the ability to deliver the lowest PSI levels that are needed to clean your surfaces or material. 1500- 2000 PSI and 1.5 GPM will be ideal for outdoor cleaning.

Features and Options

After identifying the regularity of using the outdoor electric pressure washer and the types of projects you want to accomplish, you should be in a better position to establish the strength and size of the power washer and the amount of money you are willing to spend.

The following are important options and features to consider:

1. Identify an electric pressure washer that has a ground defect like an interrupter that has been built on the cord. It is also important to note that a number of these require a circuit of twenty Amps and above.

2. Ensure that the tips, nozzles and the brushes are suitable for your outdoor tasks.

3. Check and ensure that the attachment options and the accessories of the washer like extension wands and rotating brushes match your specific projects.

4. If you have demanding cleaning needs, look for a washing unit that has an electronic fuel injection also known as EFI. This is important for better fuel economy and giving the pressure a 50% easier starting.

5. It is also important to care about the original brands by the manufacturers, watch out for the fakes. Buy from reputable sellers to get genuine products at good prices.

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