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Outdoor Grill Guide: Where to Start

Outdoor Grill Guide: Where to Start

Spending quality time with friends and family is priceless. Getting together, having a solid feed and a few drinks is a great way to see some hours pass on the weekend, especially as we approach summer. After all, what’s the point of hard work and effort during the week if you can’t unwind, relax and let off some steam once in a while? And nothing beats an outdoor BBQ for a gathering. There’s something special about frying some meat and sitting down to a feed with your nearest and dearest. But finding the right outdoor grill can be a difficult choice. Luckily, we’ve put together this grilling guide, so you can learn a bit more about how to choose.

Charcoal Grills – Right for You?

Charcoal grills are a cheaper option, perfect if you don’t want to spend lots of cash on a BBQ. They are also great if you love that charcoal flavour and you often cook for just a few people. They are often portable, so you can take them to the park or to your friends. Charcoal grills are easy to use and create that nice smoke-filled flavour.

That said, they take longer to get to prime cooking temperature than a gas or electric grill, and they get hotter. This means you will need to rearrange the coals to create different cooking zones.

Charcoal grills can be messier and take longer to cook on too, but this can be alright because the flavour is second to none!

The Second Option – A Gas Grill

Gas BBQs are the most common type of grill. They are ideal for people who want more space to fry up, and who like grills that are simple and easy to use.

A gas BBQ will start at the turn of a knob, heat up fast, and don’t require heaps of cleaning compared to a charcoal grill. You do miss out on that wholesome, smoky taste though. You can still cook heaps of different types of food on a gas plate though. Some even have a baking section so you can bake potatoes and other foods.

These type of grills also come in a huge selection of sizes. From simple small models for balconies to huge behemoths suitable for the largest backyard, there will be a BBQ to suit you and your home. With that in mind, gas models are often expensive, but consider it an investment. You’ll also need to swap out the tanks as they deplete too.

The Electric Option

A third option is an electric BBQ. These can be a good option if you don’t like the idea of running out of gas and making a run to the petrol station or hardware shop to get a new bottle. They will require the same amount of cleaning as a gas model, but with less of a carbon footprint. An electric grill is perfect for the environmentally conscious, but purists will prefer gas or charcoal.

A Smoker – For the Discerning Chef

A smoker is a different type of grill. It operates by slowly cooking larger portions of meat over a longer period, resulting in some delicious and tender cuts on your plate. They tend to be larger though, so they are probably only suitable for people with enough room in their backyard.

A Charcoal Conclusion – Picking a Grill

Picking a grill will depend on your preference and taste. Charcoal grills provide a rich, smoky taste but are finicky to operate as you need to shift the coals around for the perfect cooking zones. Gas models are most common but more expensive. They come in various sizes to suit your space. Electric grills are better for the environment. Finally, smokers are larger but provide succulent and tender servings.

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