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Paddle Boarding Package Holidays 2019

Paddle Boarding Package Holidays 2019

SUP is an acronym for stand up paddle boarding which is one of the fastest growing sports of today. There are many advantages of this sport, so much that we do not even know the defects. Stand up paddling is an excellent training because the muscles of the entire body are used. From the feet and legs, to the shoulder and arm, the abdomen and backbones that keep our body upright, so they are very useful. The reason is that rowing on the SUP is a joy, so you do not notice that you’re training. You can easily walk along the shore and watch inside it, the sunrise, sunset … If you are somewhere in shallow, you can see very well the bottom and wonder of fish and other interesting sea creatures. And that’s not all, people upgrade it with the LEDs on the bottom and paddle at night, and then you have something entirely new to see. And even that’s not all, there are those who are doing yoga on the board. So it seems that with the SUP only the sky is the limit.

Perhaps because of all these advantages brought by this sport, Mauritius is definitely one of the most beautiful places for it. Located in the warm waters of the Indian Ocean, and beautiful nature, as created for the SUP. Due to a wide variety of conditions, from world class waves to flat water lagoons and rivers, combined with amazing value luxury hotels, and small retreats, close to the best paddle boarding spots. You’ve already imagined yourself there, have not you? Here you will never experience ‘’boredom’’ on your SUP holiday with inflatable paddle board and flat, uncrowded water, a closed turquoise lagoon, no currents and no boat traffic. 

The next destination you must visit if you are a SUP lover is Morocco. Morocco with its landscapes, which, as if there is no end, is based on world class waves (for all levels) and yoga. Depending on where they are doing SUP, the best time for it is winter. Let yourself melt into a world of pure relaxation on this destination. It is also great for families that will also love the resort as it is very sociable, and there are activities throughout the day.

How not to mention Hawaii? The first association to Hawaii is the beach, the sea, and the infinity of enjoying. Maui is the largest of the Hawaiian islands and is famous throughout the world as an incredible water-sports destination. This place has so much to offer, you can make a SUP holiday to Maui whatever you want it to be. Either relaxing time in the sun, staying in a luxury hotel, and gracefully cruising along the coast at your SUP. Or you can take advantage of the waves, and SUP fitness that is massive in Maui, and then get involved with the mass of other activities on offer. For whatever you decide, you will certainly not make a mistake, we are sure of that.

For all lovers of a more active life, Spain is the right place for it. In general, Spain is a great destination for any kind of trip. Tarifa in Spain is a well-known SUP destination for wave addicts and explorers. Paddle boarding in Tarifa really opens up a new way of seeing the coast from a different perspective, you can downwind the whole way from the beautiful Port of Tarifa, or cruise it slowly on a day without wind at all. Do not skip this destination, you will regret it.

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